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People's quality of life is constantly improving, and at the same time, they pay more and more attention to enjoyment. Sweat steaming hall appears in our life as a leisure place. After a tiring day's work, taking a bath in the sweat steaming hall can not only eliminate fatigue, but also promote blood circulation

in recent years, sweat steamers have sprung up in the streets, indicating that people attach importance to health; It also indicates that people welcome sweat steaming. What problems should be paid attention to in the design and decoration of sweat steaming hall? Let's have a look

design and decoration of sweat steaming hall

1 Basic overview of sweat steaming hall

sweat steaming hall is a new development mode of bathroom. It was introduced to China from South Korea. It originated from sweat mud steaming a long time ago, and then slowly developed to the emergence of today's sweat steaming technology. It uses high technology in it, and uses advanced equipment to control the overall sweat steaming, so that consumers can experience a good sense of comfort. It is transmitted through high temperature, and then renders the temperature of the human body, so that the cells in the human body can carry out aerobic exercise. In this way, the movement of sub cells will make our body healthier, reduce the incidence of many of our diseases, and greatly improve our body's immunity

2. The decoration plan of sweat steaming hall

the existence of sweat steaming hall is to give people who live under great pressure an opportunity to release themselves, and to greatly improve people's health. Therefore, we should try our best to carry out a personalized design in the decoration of sweat steaming room, so that we can give our consumers a more comfortable environment. In addition to considering the comfort of consumers, we should also consider the safety of sweat steaming room. We must try our best to increase the means and facilities of escape in case of accidents in the design scheme, so we must not occupy all the space in the decoration scheme

3. Precautions for the decoration of sweat steaming hall

first of all, we should pay attention to the consideration of consumer comfort. To solve this problem, we should choose mild materials as much as possible when choosing materials for decoration, which will give consumers a particularly warm feeling, achieve the purpose of physical and mental relaxation, and make them more comfortable in the process of experiencing sweat steaming. Secondly, we are considering security. When choosing decoration materials, we must pay attention to the components of decoration materials. We must not let them volatilize toxic substances under high temperature, otherwise it will affect the physical safety of consumers, and we should choose some materials with stable properties when choosing

benefits of sweat steaming hall

1. Effectively purify the internal environment and expel dirt from the body

2. Dredge the meridians, improve human function and enhance human immunity

3. Improve the immune system, activate human cells, eliminate inflammation and sterilization

4. It has the effect of reducing fat, bodybuilding and slimming

5. Regulate and improve hypertension, diabetes, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases, and delay the occurrence of their diseases

6. Whiten, lighten spots, remove wrinkles, moisturize, improve skin texture, enhance skin elasticity, make skin smooth and delicate, remove pigments and delay aging with the increase of cell activity

7. Promote blood circulation, improve sleep, and relieve the pressure of work and life

8, change sub-health status

what should be paid attention to in the operation of sweat steaming hall

1. Disinfect and clean every day. Every corner of the sweat steaming room must be thoroughly disinfected every morning. When cleaning the sweat room, do not use irritant cleaners and detergents with strong odor, and do not spray water for cleaning, but wipe with towels

2. Be prepared to open the door in advance. The work of opening the door for business every day should be prepared in advance. Two hours before the business hours, the heating equipment in the steam room should be turned on. Because customers will experience sweat steaming directly, customers should save more steps and come in to experience sweat steaming directly

3. Treat every guest seriously, smile at customers, treat every customer as their own parents, and be anxious about what customers want

4. When there is a conflict between the customer's idea and the idea of the sweat steaming hall, for example, some customers blindly want the temperature of the sweat steaming room to be higher than 45 degrees. It is necessary to explain to the customer that we are in the sweat steaming room, which is different from the sauna. The best temperature in the sweat room is between 42-45 degrees, which is the best for everyone's body. If you don't sweat, you can drink more water

summary: the above is what Xiaobian introduced to you about the design and decoration of sweat steaming hall. I hope it can effectively help you. Please pay attention to more information




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