Effect drawing of 58 square meters modern simple d

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Although it is only a decoration drawing, the effect of decoration is very appreciated. Whether it is the warm color of the whole or the treatment of the bedroom and bathroom, it is very attentive. The decoration drawing is indeed worthy of our reference

decoration community: Fuxing City

decoration area: 58 square meters

decoration style: Modern and simple

decoration cost: 45 thousand

decoration bidding registration address: http://www.whjzw.net/zb/

the enchanting living room, sofa and other furniture are customized by group purchase

the study has a bookcase with a whole wall, which can put a lot of things

pure white bathroom, sanitary ware and bathtub are also bought in group purchase

the balcony of the bedroom is very distinctive. Standing in front of the window at night and looking at the night scene has a different taste





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