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When we go out, the key is essential. As small as a drawer or a private car, we can't leave the protection of the lock for a long time. With this lock, we add a safe line of defense to our own property

China is one of the first countries in the world to invent metal locks. As early as the Eastern Han Dynasty, Chinese metal spring plate structural locks have reached a high level, commonly known as three spring locks or reed locks. It uses the elasticity of twoorthree plate-shaped copper plates to seal and open. Because the reed device can make a variety of changes, and the shape of the key hole can be used to determine the style of the key, the safety performance and confidentiality are a big step forward than wooden locks, and the scope of use is also more extensive, so it is called a wide lock. Three spring locks have been widely used in China for more than a thousand years. In the Tang Dynasty, Xue Feng was impressed by the uncanny craftsmanship of metal locks, that is, in his poem to Du Fu, he said: "who melts the key for a thousand years, only from the innate furnace." With the development of modern society, metal locks have been greatly improved in both appearance and safety. Let's take a look at several locks produced by general lock Co., Ltd., which is famous for locks

this bar lock is made of non-toxic, odorless and harmless PVC material, which meets the EU environmental protection testing standards and requirements; The shell is made of high-quality ABS material, which ensures no cracking at low temperature and no deformation at high temperature of 47 ℃; The key and lock cylinder are made of high-quality copper, which has strong wear resistance and is not easy to break and deform during use; And each key is opened by the fully automatic computer toothing machine, and the same number phenomenon will never appear in the products of the same batch

this hydraulic resistant pliers glass door lock is made of alloy steel, and the surface is electrophoretic with leather tube, which is resistant to hydraulic shear; Jinggong diamond lock cylinder, resistant to strong twisting and prying; The surface of the lock body is polished and plated with bright chromium, which is exquisite and durable; The lock teeth with square design are more advanced, the clamping position is accurate, and it is more firm, anti slip and anti smashing

this U-shaped lock is forged from high-quality solid alloy steel with special heat strengthening treatment; PVC sheath can effectively prevent slip and stick hands at low temperature in winter; The key is unique and has strong anti-theft performance. The anti-theft technology of the lock cylinder can be turned on, and the anti-theft effect of above b+ level can be achieved; One end of the lock bow is connected with the lock body, which can be opened unilaterally, which is convenient and fast

if you want to love your car and reduce the risk of theft, a lock with good quality is essential. You can also choose according to the safety level and shear resistance of various locks




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