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"Attach importance to price and quality; attach importance to appearance and interior; attach importance to fashion and wear resistance; attach importance to selection and purchase and lay down; attach importance to intermediary and query; attach importance to commitment and ignore text."

the coolness of autumn begins to deepen, but the decoration is “ Heat ” Get up. Experienced people know that autumn decoration has many advantages, such as dry weather, wood panels are not easy to regain moisture, and paint and paint are easy to dry, but there will also be some unique decoration sequelae. Among them, the kitchen is the top priority of decoration, and the cabinet is also the most critical furniture of the kitchen. So how to avoid unnecessary waste in decoration and choose a cabinet suitable for yourself? Now let's introduce the five factors that affect the environmental protection of cabinets:

1. Chemical pollution: in addition to formaldehyde, there may be harmful substances in cabinets “ Benzene &rdquo& ldquo; Ammonia ” In addition to the panel, the cabinet body and viscose need relevant technical treatment to ensure that all harmful substances do not exceed the standard

2. Special injury: cabinets with poor materials and workmanship may have long thorns and sharp corners in the details. These untreated parts are easy to cause stone damage to the body. Directly handling food on the table can also be harmful to health due to table quality problems, debris and other conditions, as well as noise and light pollution

3. Few energy-saving designs: the selection of water tanks directly affects the use of tap water. Compared with the popular double water, the latter can save more water. The gas stove should be set away from the tuyere as far as possible. If it is installed near the door, the gas will be affected by the flowing air when it is used, which will not only increase the use of gas, but also affect the work of the range hood when the lampblack is blown away by the wind

4. Garbage pollutes the environment: the kitchen has always been considered as a manufacturing workshop for garbage, blocking water pipes and soiling the ground. Improper treatment will breed bacteria and cause four pests. Garbage can be pretreated by installing garbage processors in the kitchen. Some garbage can be directly discharged through waste pipes and recycled into organic fertilizer in the water plant, killing two birds with one stone

5. Unsafe use: the kitchen is a large collection of water and electricity. Improper use will cause harm to the environment and even affect life safety. Although these do not directly belong to the cabinet, it is connected with the cabinet design and installation, and should be considered at the beginning of installation

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