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Abstract: when we build on the view of beauty that follows Hegel's aesthetic principles, it is often defined as the philosophical extension of "metaphysics". However, for the theoretical thinking of "beauty in the eyes of lovers", we must rely on the philosophical thought as an argument. In the process of considering beauty, we have entered a paradoxical and chaotic self lost situation, How to combine the needs of modern design to understand beauty has become the key to contemporary practical aesthetics

key words: aesthetic principles modern design practice

0 preface

although the rise of "perceptual Engineering" has brought aesthetic "reflection theory" back to the front stage of history, people's demand for beauty is becoming more and more colorful in this era of diversified needs. How to deal with the beauty related design under the condition of mass industrial production characteristics has become an important issue that our contemporary designers must face. It is based on this that the author has formed some experience from a small point of view through the way of understanding the modern product design, and has a certain understanding of the practicality of beauty

this study starts with the relationship between the diversity of beauty formation methods and the demand characteristics of beauty survey, and gradually forms three aesthetic principles in the process of practice, namely:

order produces beauty

refinement produces beauty

detail produces beauty

although the vocabulary is not new, it has very important guiding significance in practice

1 aesthetic objectivity is the basis for the existence of practical aesthetics

in view of the research, it is necessary to define "Practical Aesthetics". From the point of view of this paper, it refers to the corresponding relationship between the aesthetic elements of the subject "thing" and the aesthetic elements of the object "person" in the process of practice, but this relationship is based on practical cognition, Instead of the speculative process based on the abstract aesthetic philosophy, it is a real aesthetic principle and method used to guide people in the process of creating things

of course, Hegel said in his book aesthetics that "people's demand for beauty is innate and exists in the nature of exploring life". At the same time, "the role of art doctor is tragic, because he can't heal the body of art in any case", which shows that beauty in art is cruising and can't be grasped by human beings. However, it is precisely Hegel himself who plays the role of "art doctor" in aesthetics. Is this a paradox? The "metaphysical" view of art aesthetics often makes him fall into a spiral self cycle. Therefore, we believe that the aesthetic view of "beauty in the eyes of lovers" will also make people confused and confused. Therefore, beauty should be based on its objectivity. Only in this way can our research and practice be carried out. This is not the so-called philosophical discussion of things, but the requirements of practice. It coincides with the views of "less talk about doctrine" and "stop arguing and look forward", which is the difference between practice and the so-called theory

however, we know that in many cases, the design experience accumulated over the years is the "Introspective" thoughts and skills of designers, which can only be exchanged and taught as a technical means in certain cases, and also has its own characteristics and uniqueness, which makes us subject to great limitations in product design research. Moreover, it is difficult for us to determine these experiences as mature theories, and it is more difficult to form a model and fix the theories. Therefore, in modern product design, this field has always been a restricted area of research. [1] At the same time, in the face of modern industrial design education, especially science and engineering education in industrial design, we should not adjust our thinking and try our best to improve the research of design methods. The author once said: "science and engineering students do not have a solid art foundation, so in the lectures of art foundation, it is of little significance to teach by example, but the important thing is the accuracy of words..." such students are used to rational thinking, And we clearly understand the inevitability of the rational requirements of design methodology, which requires us to establish a more scientific and objective discipline basic theory as soon as possible, and the aesthetic problems in design practice have become increasingly important

2 practical aesthetics and design

for practical aesthetics, in the field of aesthetic research, the friction is relatively large, and gradually moves towards the distinction between "old practical aesthetics" and "new practical aesthetics". Many people do not agree with practical aesthetics, and even think that this is the embodiment of mechanism in aesthetics. Trying to solve the problem of "Literature" through "theory" will eventually lead to the vulgarization of aesthetics. For example, in dengxiaomang The symphony of yellow and blue written by Yi Zhongtian (people's Literature Publishing House, 1999 edition) wrote: "Many people have realized that Marxist theory of practice is the outlet of contemporary Chinese aesthetics, but their understanding of practice is still bound by the traditional mechanical materialism. It is usually understood as a purely material profit-making activity and livelihood activity like Feuerbach, so it is also separated from the humanitarian principle by a gap like Feuerbach: Humanism is the heart, practice is the thing, and the mind and the thing do not seek each other ... this is the biggest obstacle to the deepening of China's current aesthetic circles. " [4]

however, it is fortunate that we are not living in a century when mechanical materialism and idealism are prevalent in collaborative innovation. We are living in an era when digitalization is about to begin. As long as there is the possibility of quantifying rules and principles, that is, there is a logical process, computers can implement them through various algorithms. I am not able to refute the master's point of view, But the facts show the opposite of what the so-called masters have defined. After all, we are engaged in the production process of beauty, which is design. If beauty cannot be regularized in practice, then all our current design education and design learning processes will be meaningless

3 beauty in design practice

3.1 order produces beauty

order is a kind of rhythm formed in groups, an understanding formed by people in long-term life, and a natural expression of the psychological needs of Conformity Based on practice to adapt to people's social attributes. In the process of pursuing independence, we are still seeking group identity, The process leading to group identity will inevitably form a kind of individual logic for the group, and the pursuit of beauty is order

beauty exists in order. When religion reveals human behavior, it generates everything in order to make people created by God not feel bored. In this process, there is order. Therefore, order is law at this time, and law is an objective existence in nature, Whether we explore the geometric simplicity of modernism or the dissymmetrical harmony of deconstruction, the dissonant form of postmodernism is nothing more than looking for the law, which either exists in external logic or in internal logical order

3.2 delicacy produces beauty

delicacy is the goal of modern life and the requirement of mainstream taste. When we discuss the practical goal of aesthetics, we do not break away from the generalization of mainstream research and put the concept of pure beauty and empty aesthetic theory, nor is it an eternal truth that beauty is universally applicable. It refers to that in terms of time, under certain objective conditions, Under certain theoretical and practical background, he has to face the reality. His standard and reality are the pursuit of beauty by the mainstream thought and mainstream people. Therefore, we believe that refinement is an aspect of beauty

exquisite life exquisite beauty is an inevitable requirement for clean life and elegant living environment, and it is also a problem that people have to face in the design process. Both humanized design and design under the concept of modern green design reflect people's pursuit of refinement

3.3 details produce beauty

Lao Tzu said: the world is difficult, we must do it easily; Great things in the world must be done in detail. This sentence shows us the importance of details. Small things make great things, and details make perfect things. Success is a detail, failure is a detail

the same is true of design. On December 26, 2005, Logitech's mx610 laser wireless mouse and Logitech V400 laser wireless notebook mouse won the if outstanding design award in the famous German if product design award. Finally, it occupied two seats in the only four award-winning computer mice in the world

Mr. Greno, President and CEO of the company, said: "... We are full of enthusiasm for product design, and pay great attention to details in the design process, because our products are the best image ambassador of our brand..."

Logitech V400 laser wireless notebook mouse has superb performance and rough appearance, and the inspection samples can be used almost anywhere. The V400 adopts a sporty design. The reinforced frame and double-layer embedded plastic protective belts form a shockproof frame structure to protect the mouse from damage during the journey

similarly, this situation can be seen in another international well-known brand IKEA furniture. IKEA's beauty lies in details. Success is by no means accidental. IKEA moves life with details

however, the important thing is that we can grasp the details in life. Start from the little things around you, do it carefully, reflect on the lessons of previous failures, and learn from the results of failures. We should affirm the importance of details ideologically and consciously. We should not talk too much and be restless. However, we believe too much that things will come naturally and succeed soon. Everything should be observed and thought carefully. Only by going deep into the details can we get rewards from the details. Details are a kind of creation, details are a kind of power, details show self-cultivation, details contain art, details hide business opportunities, details condense efficiency, details produce benefits, and details bring success

4 summarizing the practical viewpoint is the most basic viewpoint of Marxism. The viewpoint of practice is not only the basic category of materialistic epistemology, but also the basic category of materialistic historical view. The establishment of Marxist philosophy, political economy and scientific socialism is based on the practical activities of material means of production. Since human beings have left the production of material means and the practice of transforming society, it doesn't matter about social life and human history. CFP products such as 360 and fr.10 can be provided in flat format

of course, practice is first of all a "material activity of objective reality". If we do not recognize this, we will fall into Kantian and Hegelian idealistic historical view; However, practice is a conscious, purposeful and emotional material activity, not a blind material activity like animals or machines. It includes human subjectivity or subjectivity... As an indispensable part of itself. [4]

the three principles put forward by the author are not metaphysical theories. They are just a little thinking about design methods, and may be suspected of generalizing and blinding the eyes to a certain extent in connection with the concept of practical aesthetics. However, in actual teaching and design, these views are very effective, or the sentence "practice is the only standard for testing"


[1] liyueen. Application of VTS analysis method in product design [c].in: 2005 Internet

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