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Discussion on the packaging of bananas at present, the packaging of bananas transported to the north in China is relatively extensive. Bamboo baskets are mainly used. Each basket contains about 25 kg of banana fruit. When packing, lay packing paper in the basket first, and then put banana fruit. By measuring and controlling the load and displacement with high precision and sensitivity, the bamboo basket is larger and smaller. Small banana fruit is placed at the bottom of the bamboo basket. The banana fruit with larger comb is placed on the surface of the bamboo basket. The comb fruit is slightly bent and should be placed in the right direction. One comb is close to the other comb, and the comb handle is towards the circumference of the bamboo basket, slightly sinking. After the bamboo basket is installed and weighed, the paper is sealed, the wooden cover is covered, and the thin iron wire is used to tie it. This packaging method is low-cost, simple and easy, but the mechanical injury is serious. It is suitable for the packaging of low-grade bananas

the high-grade export bananas produced abroad are all made in pressure and humidity resistant cartons. One or two layers of plastic film paper are placed in the cartons, which can not only maintain moisture, inhibit the respiration of the fruits, but also reduce the friction between the fruits and the box wall. Each box is 4-6 combs, 12-15 kg. The fruit weight depends on different importing countries. The experimental control software of the daily experimental machine shall be able to generate word or excel reports. The imported bananas have the strictest specifications, with a net weight of 12 ~ 12.36 kg per box, 4 ~ 6 combs, a weight of 1.8 ~ 4 kg per comb, 14 ~ 22 fruits per comb, a fruit finger length of 20 ~ 21 cm, and a thickness (transverse diameter) of 3.2 ~ 4 cm. It's said that the requirements are stricter recently, and a large number of combs can't be combed. There are usually two methods for packing: one is to place two combs of smaller banana fruits horizontally at the bottom of the box, and then place 4 combs on the top obliquely, a total of 6 combs. This kind of carton is wide; The other is 4 ~ 6 combed fruits placed vertically side by side with the fruit handle facing down. The comb fruits are also separated by film paper to reduce mechanical damage caused by vibration and friction. Sometimes single fruit is put in a box. The combed fruit is tightly packed to reduce friction damage

for long-distance transportation under high temperature in summer, ethylene absorbent is often put into the carton film bag. It uses perlite or frog stone to adsorb saturated potassium permanganate solution. After drying, it is put into microporous plastic film bags, each bag is about 20g

source: how to simulate the fatigue life of automotive shock absorber springs: Chinese planting technology

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