On the packaging of agricultural products and the

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On the packaging of agricultural products and the development of related industries

the export of agricultural and sideline products in China is increasing year by year, but the commodity packaging is relatively backward. Business people believe that the quality of Chinese goods is not bad, but because of the poor packaging or the listing without packaging, the price is very low and the benefit is not high. High elasticity. For example, the selling price of domestic apples is only 1% of that of American apples; Fresh bamboo shoots are packed in 18 liters per tin (can) and sold to Japan for only about 100 yuan. However, the Japanese reprocessed and packaged finished products are resold to the international market for thousands of yuan. The selling price of Chinese raw bamboo shoots is only less than 10% of that of Japanese resellers. It can be seen that the packaging of goods is simple, and even the price difference between unpacked goods and beautifully packaged goods is so great

for a long time, China has paid little attention to the packaging of agricultural products, and even used a mediocre and non competitive commodity trading method. It seems that the income is relatively stable on the surface, but in fact it has lost a lot. Therefore, in foreign markets, some Chinese goods are very cheap, and sometimes because they are "cheap", foreign consumers do not believe in the products and refuse us to know the size of the power through measuring the change of output voltage

at present, the reform in all walks of life is more and more in-depth. As a necessary agricultural and sideline product for people's life, it is urgent to pay full attention to improving the packaging of commodities on the premise of improving the quality

there are many kinds of agricultural and sideline products. Under the current conditions, it is not easy for farmers to directly package agricultural products. Dealers and processing plants should take on this responsibility. At present, China is rich in population resources. It has mobilized personnel to engage in a series of work, such as the design and production of commodity packaging, which has further promoted the development of packaging

the packaging of agricultural products involves a great deal of work. It requires a lot of manpower, material resources and a large number of data. For example, the packaging of various fruits requires fresh-keeping and quality assurance. After picking, farmers should pack them scientifically and reasonably. This process seems simple but complicated. In addition, the income from this work is still great. For example, the price of unpacked apple is 0 00 yuan/kg, while the market price is more than 2.00 yuan/kg after packaging (such as putting on a foam eye bag in the shape of a lampshade), which is an obvious difference in labor income in the technical code for building slope engineering GB 50330 ⑵ 002

agricultural products are all inclusive, including plants, fruits and vegetables, poultry, livestock, aquatic products, etc. the output is very large, and its production development, processing and packaging are endless. Relatively speaking, its product value can not be measured, because the commodity packaging will constantly change its values

the key to attaching importance to the packaging of agricultural products lies in the joint efforts of producers, manufacturers, dealers and professionals engaged in this field. For a certain product, we should use scientific methods to beautify, maintain and freshen the export packaging items, and put forward opinions on the changes of the manufacturer's packaging to ensure that the goods sell well

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