On the printability of FM printing dot

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Talking about the printability of printing frequency modulation point the correct transfer of printing time point is one of the key elements to evaluate the printing quality. Guan Jian can confirm the bending center diameter according to the diameter of the steel bar, but the original concepts of controlling percentage and step in the traditional plus printing are no longer applicable. The frequency modulation point printing can only check whether the points are complete without loss, and the increase of points is inevitable. We know that in printing, if the pressure is too high or the grinding amount is too large, the number of ideas will certainly increase. If according to the theoretical law of the area around the point, the point increase is calculated by the circumference of all printed points, the sum of the points around the frequency modulation point is much larger than the traditional point because the points are small and almost isolated, but the increase value of all points is uniform under normal conditions. At the same time, due to the high accuracy of FM point recording, fine dots and reproducible tone, it is almost unlimited. Therefore, the image is still soft and high-definition, but it does not mean that the pressure or ink volume can be increased. As the frequency modulation points are isolated and unevenly distributed, the stress on each part of the points per unit area is also uneven. In particular, there are few and few high light points, and the points per unit area are the most stressed, seriously worn, and the risk of point loss is the greatest. Therefore, the hard liner is more suitable for the printing of frequency modulation points

in addition, since all the isolated inking points on the printing are surrounded by wetting liquid, it is easy to be wetted by the liquid medicine 15 minutes after the equipment stops running. Excessive water consumption or inappropriate pH value will also cause point loss. Therefore, the key to printing is to master the printing pressure and ink balance. At the same time, the printing quality control strip used in the original printing is not suitable for FM dot printing, so it is necessary to develop a new tool to measure and control the printing quality. To sum up, all aspects of FM dot printing must be standardized in the whole printing process, and the environmental conditions are extremely high, especially in the plate making stage. However, in the printing process, it is obviously easier than traditional dot printing because of its high measurement accuracy

a. insensitive to overprint accuracy requirements. Because the frequency modulation points on each color plate are irregularly distributed, even if the point distribution of different colors in the same part is also different, a slight error can not reflect the significant change of color, and it is easy to obtain gray balance, so a lot of time spent on adjusting overprint error can be saved

b. in printing, the key is to pay attention to the fact that the frequency modulation points cannot be lost. Even if the points are increased, they are uniform and will not affect the adjustment value. At the same time, there is no need to worry about white spots, moire and other phenomena

c. because the frequency modulation point is fine, the dark tone is not easy to produce paste, so the ink balance is not very sensitive

d. since the frequency modulation points are randomly distributed at the same time and in an isolated shape, it is not easy to cause paper galling during printing, and the back dirt increase phenomenon is greatly reduced, so the printing ink viscosity can be slightly higher

according to the experiment, FM printing using a 1200dpi laser spot as an inking spot can not only improve the printing quality, but also reduce the labor level of operators. It is a new technology worth popularizing

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