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The world's largest pulp and paper merger transaction successfully passed the China Customs release date: Source: Chinese paper views: 1664 copyright and disclaimer core tips: [China Packaging News] this year, the largest merger transaction in the global pulp and paper industry took another important step towards final success. Fibriacelu

[China Packaging News] this year, the largest merger transaction in the global pulp and paper industry was another important step away from the final conclusion

the merger of fibriacelulosesa and suzanopapelecelusesa, the two largest pulp and paper groups in Brazil, has been unconditionally approved by the State Administration of market supervision of China. The two companies have notified their shareholders and customers respectively

the State Administration of market management and supervision was established on March 21 this year and officially listed on April 10. It has undertaken the duties of price supervision and inspection and anti-monopoly law enforcement of the national development and Reform Commission, the anti-monopoly law enforcement of business concentration of the Ministry of Commerce and the office of the anti monopoly Commission of the State Council

at the beginning of this year, Suzano defeated app in the acquisition competition, and finally reached a merger agreement with the shareholders of fibria group, with a total transaction volume of about US $11billion. (the exclusive | goldfish "marries" the parrot meets with variables, and app holds $12.3 billion of "betrothal gifts" to "rush to marry"). However, due to the huge impact of the two enterprises on the world broad-leaved pulp market, the merger can only be realized with the anti-monopoly license of several major economies in the world

on June 1 this year, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took the lead in approving this transaction, and then China passed the license

at present, the obstacles to merger mainly come from Europe and Brazil. Especially in Brazil, according to media reports, American International Paper (IP) and Indonesian golden eagle group (rge) have submitted petitions to the Brazilian anti-monopoly investigation agency to participate in the anti-monopoly evaluation of the transaction

in Europe, industry insiders said that if the two world's largest broad load action points and fulcrum can also be interchanged, the merger of blade pulp manufacturers will certainly have a negative impact on the European market. On August 31, it was reported from the Ministry of ecological environment that the Ministry recently issued another document to emphasize that it firmly opposes "one size fits all". In the process of supervision and enforcement of ecological and environmental protection, all localities strictly prohibit perfunctory responses such as "shutting down everything" and "stopping first and then" and resolutely avoid simple and rude acts such as emergency shutdown and shutdown under the excuse of ecological and environmental protection

the "one size fits all" approach to environmental protection is a smear on environmental protection, which needs to be vigilant. In fact, in May this year, the Ministry of ecology and environment specially studied and formulated the "one size fits all" work opinions on prohibiting environmental protection, requiring that "all shutdown" and "stop first". As early as August 2017, the Ministry of environmental protection made it clear that "the so-called 'one size fits all' has never been the requirement of the Ministry of environmental protection." In December of that year, the head of the State Environmental Protection Supervision Office also said that the "one size fits all" approach was taken to deal with the inspectors, which was a "high-level black" to the central environmental protection supervision

the environmental protection department issued intensive documents to stop "all shutdown" and "stop first and then talk about it". The relevant person in charge repeatedly fired at the "one size fits all" of environmental protection, which shows that the environmental protection department has zero tolerance for "one size fits all". However, this also reflects the seriousness of the "one size fits all" problem of environmental protection

for example, Dongguan announced that it would shut down and ban 5000 "scattered pollution" enterprises. In reality, it is common to draw a line by industry, such as involving chemical, foundry, pharmaceutical and other industries, or set boundaries by region. For example, in areas with serious pollution at a specific time, the practice of "one size fits all" environmental control can be seen everywhere

on the Internet, there have been constant reports of the harm caused by environmental protection in some places to enterprises and even the whole industry. For example, the official microblog of the strategic Institute of the Machinery Industry Information Research Institute (formerly the science and Technology Information Institute of the Ministry of machinery) recently disclosed that a friend from the industry in Shenzhen recently met and talked about Shenzhen's promotion of the adjustment and upgrading of the manufacturing industry some time ago. For example, the protection requirements of the casting products themselves are also relatively good. Industries such as electroplating are one size fits all, and small and medium-sized enterprises are "driven away" through various means. However, with the migration of these "so-called backward" enterprises, The problem has been gradually exposed. The downstream enterprises can not find supporting facilities, which is slowly transmitted to large enterprises. Some large enterprises and even super large enterprises have also moved the idea of leaving. The relevant departments panicked and recently began to do research

the "one size fits all" approach to environmental protection seems simple, easy and effective, but this "Zhulian" approach to law enforcement deviates from the basic principles of the rule of law and injures law-abiding enterprises. If the pollution discharge reaches the standard and the law-abiding enterprises become the objects of shutdown, the result will inevitably be "Reverse Elimination" - if an enterprise spends a lot of money on pollution control, or seriously rectifies according to environmental protection requirements, but still can not escape the fate of shutdown, then who is willing to spend money on environmental protection, and who will spend a lot of effort on pollution control

it is necessary to crack down on environmental violations by means of thunder, but the environmental protection department also needs to abide by the boundaries of the law, so that the polluting enterprises have nowhere to escape, and at the same time, the law-abiding enterprises can work at ease. In the process of pollution control, not only those enterprises that meet the standard of pollution discharge and operate legally can not be implicated. Even for enterprises with heavy pollution, rectification opinions should be put forward and the time limit for rectification should be given. Only those enterprises that are hopeless or even refuse to rectify will be shut down according to law. In special periods such as serious pollution, the enterprises need to make sacrifices by having the oscilloscope tube type flash meter in front of and behind the display, storing the oscilloscope tube type flash meter, etc. if the production is stopped and limited, the government should also give corresponding compensation, instead of always letting the enterprises be the victims

at present, the real economy is in a difficult period. The transformation and upgrading of China's economy is certainly the direction. However, no matter how the economy is upgraded, it is impossible for high-end industries to dominate the world. The high-end and low-end are always inseparable and interdependent. If the upstream low-end outsourced processing enterprises are shut down in the name of environmental protection, there will be a missing link in the industrial support. Small and medium-sized enterprises have the greatest impact on environmental protection. However, we should know that small and medium-sized enterprises are the foundation of the real economy. Without the existence of a large number of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises will lose their vitality

the impact of "all closures" on small and medium-sized enterprises has endangered the foundation of China's economy. This time, the ecological environment clearly stated that it would "strengthen the investigation and handling of the" one size fits all "problems of ecological environmental protection", which is undoubtedly expected. We should never correct the "one size fits all" policy of defaming environmental protection. We should not take it as an example and write it off. Instead, we should take a real attitude - whoever dares to violate the law and disrupt government affairs under the signboard of environmental protection, who dares to ignore the interests of enterprises and shut down indiscriminately, must pay a heavy price

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