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The packaging market of dairy products says that a domestic dairy enterprise once set off a new trend of "fresh milk + fruit juice", and "fresh fruit milk" has become a household fashion favorite for a time. Many dairy enterprises have also followed up, including some large domestic dairy enterprises, which have also entered the "fresh fruit milk". In order to maintain the leading position in this field, the enterprise replaced and renamed the original products in the next period. As a result, a large-scale planning activity began

at the beginning of March, 2005, the newly named product advertisement was widely publicized on CCTV and local stations. The launch time of the new product was pushed to October, 2005. At the same time, in order to cooperate with the promotion of new products, in the circulation channel, in October, by strengthening the dealers' inventory, the dealers were allowed to push the old products to the market through low prices. On the one hand, they digested the company's old product inventory, on the other hand, they seized the market share of competitive products. But what about the sales? Is the new product promotion exciting

the author learned from the market that as of the beginning of December, the newly produced children had no freshness after playing for several times. The promotion effect of freshness products was very poor: consumers were very disappointed with the new products they had long hoped to help everyone, and the taste had not changed. In October, the dealers pressed the goods for a long time, resulting in the aging of the product date. At the same time, the low price sales disturbed the market. The low price competition of the dealers' old products also had a certain impact on the price system of new products. The dealers did not get their due profits from the sales of new products. From March when the company launched new products to October when the new products came into the market, the sales performance was unimaginable. The daily weight of the new products was about 1650 pounds of gold, and the huge cost investment was lost. However, due to the late launch of the new products, similar products produced by other enterprises were listed first, and the huge advertising expenses of the company made wedding clothes for others. At the recent work summary meeting, the leaders of the company asked everyone to discuss "who robbed my cheese?"

the author believes that the hard work of the enterprise from top to bottom did not get the due harvest, which is fundamentally caused by its compact product strategy, which is contrary to the market situation

from the perspective of advertising planning, it should be said that the publicity method of "seeing the person, hearing the voice first" does have its success. But in the face of the current market situation, it is really not suitable. Fresh fruit milk products have become a fashion drink. There are many manufacturers, and the competition of similar products is becoming increasingly fierce. All the manufacturers are trying to develop new products, so as to become a leader in certain drinks. There is nothing wrong with the new product development of the manufacturer. However, the gap between advertising time and product launch time is too long, which makes the competitive products enter in advance and become the beneficiaries of this new drink


from the perspective of product positioning: the enterprise's investment in new products is huge, and it also gives consumers a kind of expectation and desire. However, when consumers taste the long-awaited new product, they do not wait for the fresh taste. They feel that the product has changed the soup without changing the dressing. They just change the product packaging, feeling cheated, and thus have a resistance to the new product

from the perspective of marketing means: there is nothing wrong with the low-cost sales of old products to crack down on competitive products. However, the company may not fully predict the intensity of market competition. The level of competition among county-level dealers is no longer in the past, and the products they operate are no longer single. It is difficult for the company to control the price of the dealers. Now it supports the dealers to sell at a low price. Once such low-cost sales are out of control, the entire product price system will be impacted, and new products will not escape the impact

as a front-line salesperson, the author believes that the best market planning must conform to the market reality. Otherwise, after working for half a day, I found that it was not my own field. At this point, ask "who robbed my cheese?" Only then discovered that is oneself to give up

source: China Food Technology

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