On the packaging of the hottest tourism products

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On the packaging of tourism products

[Abstract] packaging tourism products is one of the important means to improve the tourism popularity and competitiveness of a country or region. The world's tourism developed countries have taken shape in this regard, but there is no corresponding theoretical research. China's tourism industry is vigorously exploring the practical work in this regard, but it is limited to the reference of foreign experience, and the exploration of theory and practice that can combine the specific situation of China's tourism development is almost blank. The theoretical research on tourism product packaging is a relatively new field at home and abroad. Therefore, the research on this issue has certain theoretical and practical value. This paper takes Qingling scenic spot in Jiaohe City, Jilin Province as the research object. Mainly from three aspects: why to package tourism products, the current problems in China's tourism product packaging, and how to package tourism products.

with the vigorous development of global tourism, governments of various countries have paid full attention to the development of unconventional fixtures for tourism. At the same time, the competition in the tourism industry is becoming increasingly fierce. How to package the local tourism products in a deep level in order to occupy a place in the highly competitive tourism market is a problem that all tourism administrative departments and tourism enterprises must pay attention to

1 analysis on the necessity of packaging tourism products

packaging tourism products is an important means to realize the economic and social benefits of tourism enterprises, to enhance the image of tourism enterprises and tourism destinations, and to implement the brand strategy of tourism products. The value of tourism product packaging is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

111 is conducive to enhancing the attractiveness of tourism products

tourism products are fixed in a certain space, and are often far away from a certain spatial location of tourists, and tourism products are not transferable. Because of the characteristics of tourism products, it is impossible for tourism enterprises to sell tourism products in different places by means of transportation like other enterprises. After a target purchaser has a tourism demand, he has to overcome the resistance from distance, time and psychology to purchase the necessary experimental testing equipment for construction, building materials, roads and bridges and other engineering units. Therefore, the attractiveness of tourism products has become the key to the success or failure of tourism enterprises. Proper packaging of tourism products can enhance the attractiveness of tourism products

112 is conducive to better meet the psychological needs of tourists

tourism is a high-level consumption activity of human beings. In the process of tourism activities, people not only have high material needs, but also need to meet psychological needs, such as curiosity, novelty seeking, nostalgia, etc. The utility of tourism products is to meet people's aesthetic and pleasure needs. Tourists' demand for tourism products is the same as people's demand for music, painting, film and television programs. They also seek psychological aesthetic enjoyment and cultivate temperament through pleasant senses. Proper packaging of tourism products can make tourists feel the same aesthetic pleasure when facing the real mountains, water and customs as when they enjoy a beautiful music and read a good book at home, and make tourists feel a sense of satisfaction

113 is conducive to improving the competitiveness of tourism enterprises

at present, there is fierce competition in both the international tourism market and the domestic tourism market. From the macro point of view, it is the competition between regions. From the micro point of view, it is the competition between Chinese tourism enterprises. The competition among tourism enterprises is actually the competition among tourism products. All tourism enterprises strive to make their tourism products complete the marketing process of attracting attention, promoting understanding, stimulating interest and purchasing with the fastest speed and the least cost. The packaging of tourism products makes tourism products more attractive, so as to accelerate the completion of the marketing process and benefit enterprises. In this sense, packaging tourism products is conducive to strengthening the competitiveness of tourism enterprises

2 main problems in the packaging of tourism products in China

up to now, the packaging of tourism products in China is still in a relatively backward state. The main problems are:

211 the awareness of tourism product packaging is weak

many tourism marketers in China only pay attention to the development of tourism products and lack the awareness of tourism product packaging, resulting in the lack of attractiveness of many tourism products; The product image positioning is not clear

212 the packaging of tourism products lacks personalization.

in the development of tourism products, especially the development of resource separated tourism products, there are often "follow the trend" phenomenon, and the packaging forms are the same. The final result is that they all burst into bankruptcy. The reason is that the personalized packaging of tourism products is not enough. The more individual things, the higher their value and the more attractive they are. The packaging form of tourism products that imitate each other will lose its attraction to tourists

213 the packaging of tourism products lacks cultural heritage

with the improvement of people's cultural quality, tourism cultural life has become one of the trends in the development of people's living standards. The higher the cultural content of tourism products, the more they can attract tourists' desire to buy. At present, tourism operators are not good at excavating the real connotation of tourism products from the perspective of culture when packaging tourism products, and lack of cultural packaging of tourism products

3 several problems that should be grasped in the packaging of tourism products

the packaging of tourism products is different from that of general products. It is packaged through the naming of tourism products, the atmosphere, the excavation of history and folk culture, allusions and the application of modern scientific and technological means. In the packaging of tourism products, attention should be paid to the following issues:

311 unity of content and form, so as to achieve situational dependence

in the packaging of tourism products, the unity of form and content should be achieved according to the characteristics of tourism products. For example, some newly developed tourism products need to be named. It is very important to have a proper name. For example, there is a mountain peak named Laoyeling in Jilin Qingling scenic spot. Its name is too popular. The peaks of this mountain have their own characteristics. There are many tall and Graceful Trees twisted in pairs on the peaks, and each pair of trees has different attitudes. It seems that couples stroll under the bright moonlight, some holding hands, some hugging each other, and some like girls with shy heads. Such a peak should be named "lovers peak". This has achieved the unity of content and form, and the integration of emotion and scenery, so that tourists have a feeling that the trip is worth it

the naming content and form of some tourism products are separated from each other, and emotion and scenery are not integrated, which will make tourists have a great contrast and disappoint them, and the negative impact will spread widely. For example, the sun island in Harbin is very famous. In particular, the song "on the sun island" by singer zhengxulan was sung all over the country in the early 1980s, attracting countless tourists. During that time, the most popular articles in the newspapers and periodicals were articles criticizing and criticizing the tourist attraction Sun Island. The vast majority of articles complained that the sun island would have 13 railways one by one in the next few months. It was too disappointing. This kind of exaggeration of the tourism product will cause the reputation of the tourism product to be discredited with the expansion of the publicity scope because the content is separated from the form and the emotion is not connected with the scenery

312 highlight individuality and be unique to yourself

highlight individuality is the soul of tourism product packaging. The value of tourism products lies in their uniqueness. The attraction of a distinctive tourism product in the market is self-evident. Tourism operators should be good at discovering the personality of tourism products and make an article around the personality of products. Packaging without personality is no packaging. For example, when we investigated Qingling scenic spot in Jilin Province, we found that the spring water flowing from the depths of the forest formed a large spring pool at the foot of the mountain. The spring water was clear and sweet, surrounded by trees, and the scenery was very beautiful and quiet. The operator named it butterfly spring. However, after investigation, the author believes that it is inappropriate to name this place butterfly spring. First of all, there is no allusion to butterflies here, and there are no colorful butterflies flying around the pool. The name butterfly spring is groundless; Second, butterfly spring is a famous scenic spot in Dali, Yunnan Province. If this place is named butterfly spring, tourists who have been to Dali will feel a sense of being a witch in a small way. And easy to confuse. In this context, the name butterfly spring here is really harmful but not beneficial, which obliterates the characteristics of the scenic spot itself. This spring is indeed a natural mountain spring with high value. It is more appropriate to directly name it Qingling mountain spring. However, under the suggestion of the author, this spring has been changed into Qingling mountain spring, which has achieved good tourism results

313 respect nature and be higher than nature

folk customs are intangible tourism products, which are characterized by strong differences, such as different folk customs among regions and nations. It is because of this difference that tourists are attracted to take it as a commodity to go out of their homes and buy it

with the strengthening of people's communication awareness, they have a stronger desire to understand the local conditions and customs of other regions and nations, and take it as a way to broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge. Therefore, in today's tourism, people are more interested in folk customs in addition to enjoying the landscape. Tourism operators are also aware of this and have started folk tourism projects. However, at this stage, there are still many problems in folk tourism, that is, it only pays attention to its originality, and does not pay attention to the labor input of products - that is, packaging. In fact, tourism resources without artificial labor can not become tourism products, so it can not add value. For example, in the middle section of the highway between Jilin and Jiaohe, there is a famous Qingling live fish street. At first, there were only a few small restaurants in the street for drivers. The water used in these restaurants is the mineral water flowing down from the local mountains as drinking water. They buy live carp from Songhua Lake and put them in the pond behind their restaurant. When guests come, they catch live carp from the pond and use the water in the pond to cook carp for guests. It has a unique flavor and is especially fresh. The driver orders this dish whenever he comes here. It spread like this. Almost all the drivers passing by here had to stop to taste the stewed carp. The business of these companies was booming day by day. Later, not only the traveling drivers came here for dinner, but also some city people came from afar to taste the fish meal here. Due to the good business here, more businessmen came here to open restaurants, thus forming the "Qingling live fish Street". In 2002, this street was included in a tourism project of Qingling scenic spot. All visitors to this scenic spot should taste the fish meal here. However, there are still many deficiencies in the packaging of "Qingling live fish Street" as a tourist product. So far, it is still in a relatively primitive state. For example, the outdoor toilet built with only two boards, a basin of hand washing water shared by several people, and the unclean sanitary conditions have brought great inconvenience to tourists. When packaging folk tourism products, we must get out of such a misunderstanding: the more primitive the better. Of course, in respect of "original flavor"

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