On the printing skills of Spring Festival couplets

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On the printing skills of Spring Festival couplets. Scarlet paper, xs1 diazo photosensitive adhesive, xs1 diazo adhesive film solution, 240 mesh nylon screen, fat glue mixed paint, anodized aluminum hot stamping foil

II. Frame making. According to the size of the Spring Festival couplets, determine the size of the frame. The inner diameter of the frame should be 5cm larger than the size of the cut paper. A 35cm wooden strip can be selected. Scrape a 0.5cm deep slot on the plane of the frame near the inner diameter of 11.5cm, and make the wooden strip according to the width and depth of the slot. Then cut the nylon screen, press this strip onto the nylon screen with small iron nails and nail it into the trunking, and then wash and dry the nailed version with clean water

III. scrape the photosensitive adhesive. Use a red light in the dark room, pour an appropriate amount of xs1 diazo photosensitive adhesive into the lower side of the plate plane, and scrape it upward with a plexiglass triangle to make the adhesive film evenly distributed on the surface, which is both thin and flat

IV. draw the version. The black-and-white manuscript is the most critical process in the plate making process. If there is no calligraphy foundation, you can find some Spring Festival couplets and patterns with exquisite fonts. You can also use a computer to print the font, and then put it on the desktop. If possible, cover it with a piece of glass of the same size. Use a brush dipped in ink to draw the font. You must draw it completely. After drawing, check it against the light. If there is any leak, repair it in time

v. exposure. Take a sponge with an outer diameter equal to the card frame and a plane thickness of more than 2 cm. First put it into the concave surface of the plate, then put the plywood on the sponge, and then turn it over. Then put the combined black-and-white manuscript with the ink side down and balance it on the plane of the card. Clamp it between the upper and lower sides of the four sides to prevent horizontal light running. You can get the outdoor exposure for 13 minutes. Then immediately take the version back to the darkroom, remove the black-and-white manuscript, sponge and plywood, and quickly wash the front and back sides of the version with 60 ℃ warm water for 3 minutes, so that the word base and pattern can be clear

VI. printing. Position the concave surface of the prepared plate on the worktable of a 3D printer that can be purchased by the worker with a hinge upward, take about 30 pieces of cut red paper and put it under the plate, align it with the word base pattern of the plate, find out the dimensions of the four edges, fully stir the fat glue mixed paint evenly, and then pour an appropriate amount into one end of the concave surface of the plate, that is, the rubber scraper can be used to scrape the printing evenly from left to right repeatedly. Each time it is scraped to one side, the printing is completed, and the printed product is taken out, And so on. After printing, gasoline can be used to scrub the plate for next use

VII. Sticking gold. Lay a high-quality rubber plate on the workbench with flat and pressure resistant surface. Cut the anodized hot stamping foil according to the size of the printed Spring Festival couplets. The actual shrinkage rate of the Spring Festival couplets to be printed in the forming process is still around the shape clock of the plastic part after being placed in the air for 20 minutes. You can paste the anodized hot stamping foil on the character base pattern of the printed Spring Festival couplets, and then use a towel to compact it. After 2426 hours, you can remove the anodized hot stamping foil that is pasted, which may be more used in key fields such as military industry rather than civil fields in the future. If you want to change the new word pattern, you can use a brush to dip xs1 diazo film remover on the front and back sides of the version. After 5 minutes, the old film will fall off by itself, and then rinse it with clean water. You can scrape the photosensitive adhesive again to expose it, get a new version, and then make a new version

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