On the perfect integration of packaging design and

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On the perfect integration of packaging design and product printing process

featured packaging and printing products are everywhere in modern people's life. It can be seen that it plays a very important role in the whole marketing process. Product packaging communicates with consumers with its unique image language, and further determines whether consumers consume. In order to meet the impression of consumers, high-quality and multi pattern packaging design became the competitiveness of packaging and printing enterprises in the 1960s. How to make the packaging and printing design satisfy customers, we must do a good job in the unified combination of packaging design and printing

the design of the first packaging should be determined first. When the customer's product needs a packaging box, the design task is entrusted to the designer and the customer's direct domestic manufacturers. At present, they are actively expanding their production capacity to communicate with each other, so as to facilitate the customer's design and packaging ideas to be directly conveyed to the designer, and turn the customer's ideas into reality with the help of the designer. Whether the designer can communicate well with the customer and design the customer's ideal packaging will directly affect the possibility of cooperation between the customer and your company in the future. It is very important for designers to achieve the satisfactory results that customers want according to their needs, so that customers can cooperate with the company for a long time. However, some designers often insist on their own design style and pursue aestheticism from the perspective of art. These designers often disagree with their clients, and then blame them for not understanding art. However, art and market are two concepts. The reason why the market is developing is that marketing accounts for a large proportion. The marketing purpose of enterprises to improve the express packaging producer extension system is ultimately to take consumers as the terminal consumption. The packaging design is the same. The designed packaging serves the heaviest consumers. The packaging that can be accepted by them is what customers want most. Customers are always in their industry. They can understand the psychology of consumers of their products and what the consumption concept is, rather than the artistic design that designers blindly adhere to. Therefore, designers should pay attention to this point

we should be clear that the design of packaging is to promote product sales and protect products. It is not what designers call art. It is never as simple as what they think. A packaging should consider the acceptance of market consumers, customers' acceptance psychology, what style to design, what material to use, and what printing process to use from the initial stage. These are essential considerations. Looking at some good printing products, they all have their own flash points in the selection of printing materials (including ink and paper), which is a result that conforms to the aesthetic point of view and shows ingenuity after careful artistic design consideration. The success of post production directly determines the quality of the work, and good post production can add luster to the work. In this way, it is particularly important to grasp the later material selection and overall effect! Printing is closely related to the later effect of graphic design, and printing is the main way to convey the design results. Then the main determinant of graphic design is printing

we all know that 1. First of all, there are many printing processes. In the printing process, the pressure is used as the process basis, and most of them take paper as the carrier. This determines that the dominant factor in the post production of the works is the allocation of ink color and the selection of paper. If designers master these printing processes, it will be of great help to their design works, so that they can see the final effect of the finished product from the beginning of their creativity, so that they can have a clear idea of it, no longer blindly design, and minimize the useless work in the early design. Some graphic effects that are difficult or impossible to achieve can be replaced or not done. It can be said that creativity - Design - production is a chain, closely linked. This is like a good carpenter. If he wants to make good furniture, he must first be familiar with the properties and characteristics of wood and make rational use of it, otherwise he will not make good furniture. At all times and in all over the world, many good design works benefit from printing, and the progress is also brought about by printing

therefore, the product design also relies on the printing process to perfectly present attractive elements such as beautiful patterns and bright colors. Only by unifying the careful artistic design in the early stage with the thoughtful printing process in the later stage, can the designed packaging achieve twice the result with half the effort

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