Jining construction machinery industry continues t

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Jining construction machinery industry continued to grow rapidly

according to Jining Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, from January to August, Jining construction machinery industry continued to grow rapidly, consolidating and improving the domestic and foreign market share of Jining construction machinery

since the beginning of this year, with the advent of the wave of machine replacement, a large number of equipment needs to be upgraded, which frees up effective market space for new construction machinery and greatly drives the market demand for construction machinery. From January to August, the main business income of Jining construction machinery industry was 22.66 billion yuan, an increase of 26.8%, and the profit was 1.44 billion yuan, an increase of 25.1%. According to the statistics of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, a total of 5374 bulldozers were sold nationwide from January to August, with a year-on-year increase of 32.2%. Among them, Shantui is the dominant company, accounting for more than 68%

it is understood that at present, Jining construction machinery is guided by the national construction machinery industry base of Jining high tech Zone, relying on Shantui Co., Ltd., Ruibo machinery and other enterprises, accelerating the research and development of highly automated and environmental friendly construction machinery, focusing on products such as full hydraulic bulldozers, high-power bulldozers, hydraulic excavators, hydraulic drive rollers and so on, and developing core supporting systems such as hydraulic drive crawlers, Consolidate and improve the domestic and international market share of construction machinery

according to the analysis of insiders, with the continuous strengthening of national investment in major project construction and reserve, rural infrastructure and other fields in the second half of the year and 2019, the overall workload of the industry will increase, and the sales of various varieties of construction machinery are expected to rise again

[: Xu Linlin and Wang Qilin have rust, burrs, bumps, scratches and other shortcomings]

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in addition to these, there are many other equipment in Jining that need our inspection and attention. The second national pollution source census in Jining has entered the household investigation stage


Rencheng District delimits the Xinyan railway line safety protection zone in the territory


Confucius museum construction acceleration plan is ready for opening in late November


recently, from the Jining second national pollution source census office, it was learned that the second national pollution source census was a major national survey carried out under the unified deployment of the State Council. At present, Jining City

Jining evening news

since this year, under the strong leadership of Jining Municipal Party committee and government, the city's transportation system has been in accordance with the general requirements of "project implementation year" and "the final say, set the work, and finish on schedule", Fully build "Land and water Railway...


at present, the participating units of the Confucius museum are trying their best to catch up with the construction progress around the node and ensure that the overall project plan is open in late November.

Jining new has reached the top.

recently, the five-day seventh Shandong Cultural Industry Expo and Trade Fair opened in Jinan.

Jining Volkswagen - helping entrepreneurs overcome difficulties 15

during the seventh Shandong Cultural Expo, Jinan and Qingdao Island and other nine cities were awarded the third advanced city of building a strong cultural province in Shandong Province

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the implementation of closed reconstruction of the working material outlet of the port yard is an innovative measure for the prevention and control of air pollution in Jining port, which was identified as the annual key work of the municipal government at the beginning of the year

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[the final say to finish the work on schedule [project implementation year]

[the final say to finish the work on schedule]

the closed transformation of the material outlet of the city's port enterprise yard operation is completed on schedule]

the city's port enterprise yard work


on October 13, the commendation and notification meeting of advanced units and individuals of mass sports in the province was held in Qingdao. Among them, 15 units and 22 people in Jining received commendation


in recent days, the wonderful seventh Shandong Cultural Industry Expo and Trade Fair has become the focus of attention


Senda Meiyue port entry engineering vehicle pushes coal into the material inlet in the closed workshop, and the large dust collector and intelligent spray above can effectively remove dust

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