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Jin Ming, CEO of world AI conference | polar chain technology: AI below the road to the rise of entertainment new retail

the 2018 World AI conference will be held in the West Bank of Shanghai from September 17 to 19. This conference will invite some political dignitaries, academic leaders and representatives of well-known enterprises at home and abroad to hold plenary meetings and nearly 20 theme forums and summits. 10 (including Turing prize winners) top global AI scientists, 50 Chinese and foreign academicians, 100 CEOs of domestic well-known enterprises, 100 young leading experts, and 1000 + innovative enterprises attended the meeting. On the afternoon of September 18, the AI financing forum will focus on creating an integrated, diversified and regional AI immersion experience. The venue will focus on creating a number of integrated, diversified and regional AI immersion. A new type of natural packaging film has been born into the experience, presenting seven "ai+" themed experiences, including ai+ transportation, health, education, retail, service, smart manufacturing, finance and so on. At this investment and financing forum, Jin Ming, founder and CEO of Jilian technology video++ brought us a wonderful speech on the new retail of entertainment under AI

at the meeting, Mr. Jin Ming first introduced the general situation of the company to us. Jilian technology video++ is a native Shanghai enterprise, which focuses on the cultural and entertainment industry in the field of AI. At present, the main investors are Alibaba, youbixuan, etc. The main partners of the company are large-scale cultural and entertainment enterprises and cultural and entertainment content platforms in China. Mr. Jin Ming believes that at present, the whole macro-economy is in a downward trend, but people's willingness to consume is still there, and they will consume some cultural and spiritual things. In this environment, the increasing expenditure of spiritual consumption makes cultural and entertainment entrepreneurship at a very good time node. With the rise of the post-90s and post-95s, their consumption power is also gradually increasing, including spiritual consumption products such as fan economy and idol economy. When these products are combined with the future trend of AI, it will be a huge explosion point

Jin Ming 6. Mr. dimension, who measured the sample, said that the company has been committed to the cultural and entertainment industry for six years since its construction in 2012, and has witnessed the upgrading of the whole industry from the initial point, line and surface to the current industrial development. After a simple entertainment video is identified, it can analyze the eight dimensions of the video, including people, places, labels, scenes and brands, and structure the video. All these require a complete AI interactive system, which can turn video from a simple picture into an interactive intelligent product. AI scene marketing platform, after structuring the video layer, forms a product layer through label information, which has advertising effect and commercial effect. Digital, 3C and so on, they have a public trend to choose a similar label for commercial delivery, and these 2 The final conversion rate of halogen-free flame retardant PP labels will be higher than that of traditional ones

after introducing these, Mr. Jin Ming also showed us the output results of Jilian video++, such as the AI interaction of "where's dad going", the scene launch of Chimelong paradise, and the brand implantation of video English education, which were completed by the AI system of ideo++ of Jilian Technology V nondestructive testing: Visual inspection, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, dye detection, radiographic testing, etc, Effective advertising promotion and high conversion rate are the products of AI era. In terms of e-commerce, Mr. Jin Ming said that Jilian technology video++ has gradually shown its excellent performance different from traditional videos in "I am a singer", seafood live broadcast, entertainment variety, and Taobao creation Festival. In the clothing industry, it has received the support of Nanchang municipal government and the school of design of Tongji University

as Li Qiang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Shanghai municipal Party committee, said at the conference on the 17th, in today's world of unprecedented intensive and active scientific and technological innovation, artificial intelligence will bring profound changes to economic and social development and even the human world. As a strategic technology leading the future, artificial intelligence is fully empowering all walks of life, which will further release the huge energy accumulated by previous scientific and technological revolutions and industrial reforms, and promote the overall leap of social productivity. With the comprehensive expansion of artificial intelligence in social governance, public services, urban operations and other fields, "artificial intelligence +" will be available all the time and everywhere. Only by embracing artificial intelligence can we have the future. As a disruptive technology with a wide range of influence, artificial intelligence is deeply reconstructing the economy and society. A large number of industries will face redefinition, the employment structure and social ethics will be impacted, government management, economic security and global governance will face challenges, and social transformation will be further accelerated. We need to conduct in-depth research, grasp the law, and make good use of the situation to promote the development of artificial intelligence on a healthy track and in the direction of benefiting mankind

as China's largest economic center city, Shanghai should take AI as the priority strategic condition choice, so as to speed up the deep integration of AI and the real economy, improve the scientific and technological innovation ability of AI, and continue to strengthen the strategy of ai+ industry

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