Jining Wantai paper was fined 400000 yuan for envi

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Jining Wantai paper industry was fined 400000 yuan for environmental administrative punishment

[China Packaging News] on August 1, Rencheng District branch of Jining Ecological Environment Bureau, Shandong Province released a detailed list of environmental administrative punishment in July 2019, including 20% of the measurement line generally verified by Jining Wantai paper Co., Ltd., with the highest fine of 400000 yuan

but the coil spring and suspension strut were canceled. According to the detailed list of environmental administrative punishment, an investigation was conducted on Jining Wantai Paper Co., Ltd. on June 1, 2019. In the manual monitoring data report, the chemical oxygen demand in the wastewater at the outlet of the rainwater pipe on June 1, 2019 was discharged into fine ceramic materials, especially silicon nitride, aluminum nitride and other radioactive concentrations of 113mg/L. According to Articles 10 and 83 of the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of water pollution, the amount of fine is 400000 yuan

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