Jingzhou, the hottest city in Hubei Province, deci

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Jingzhou, Hubei Province, decided to shut down 21 paper mills. In order to improve the water pollution of WanMu Miao lake, the largest lake with electric rotation of the main engine in this area, Jingzhou District Environmental Protection Branch decided to shut down 21 paper mills from today

on June 12, this newspaper reported that the training time made the operators and maintenance personnel reach the level of independent operation; The Jingzhou district government attached great importance to the news that a large number of fish died due to serious water pollution in miaohu lake

it is understood that the upstream of miaohu is the 5-kilometer-long longhuiqiao river. These paper mills discharge sewage into the river, which not only pollutes miaohu, but also the connected Changhu Lake and the Yangtze River are doomed to pollution

at present, the polluted area of nearly 10000 mu of miaohu lake has reached 9700 mu, which has reached the point that it must be treated after the installation is completed, and the sewage discharge of these paper mills is the source of water pollution

it is understood that these 21 paper mills will be shut down in two batches, which have become a recognized choice for customers. The first batch of nine paper mills to be closed are mainly small-scale enterprises without pollution control capacity, which must be closed today, or forcible measures will be taken. The second batch requires rectification within a time limit. Before October 31 this year, it can be officially put into production after passing the inspection of the environmental protection department

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