Jintang screw is expected to rise again

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"Standing at 30" Jintang screw is looking forward to rising again

interview with Fan Gang, deputy director of Zhoushan Jintang development and construction management committee

the 9th ppts China International Plastic Technology Processing Technology Summit Forum was held in beautiful Zhoushan on November 22, which coincided with the 30 years of creation of Zhoushan Jintang screw

in the past 30 years, a small screw has taken root in Jintang and rapidly integrated the industry. Now it has occupied half of China's screw industry. What Jintang people are proud of is that 70% of the world's screws are produced in China, and 70% of China's screws come from Jintang

30 years ago, the "first generation" of Jintang screw represented by Yu Yongkang, Qian Songyue, etc. with the unique unity, hard work, perseverance, adventure, diligence and simplicity of Jintang people, as well as a large number of adhesive tapes, let Jintang screw private enterprises bravely squeeze into China's screw market, ending the history that only large state-owned enterprises and military enterprises could produce screws in China at that time

then, the backbone represented by Xia Zengfu, Bao Minggang and Yao Haifeng continued to seek the secondary take-off of Jintang screw industry. They have technical background and are familiar with the technological innovation of screw industry; He uses Chinese menus and windows standard icons, or he is good at marketing, and always understands the changing pulse of the market; They or both have become the mainstay of Jintang screw industry

now is the time for the younger generation to take the stage. Jintang screw enterprises represented by Xu Hui and Chen Ji began to inherit their father's business. With a high degree, a foreign diploma, a rich life, the original intention and management philosophy of entrepreneurship are very different from those of their parents, and what kind of tomorrow will they bring to Jintang screw

for this reason, as the media support of this meeting, China polymer specially interviewed Fan Gang, deputy director of Jintang development and Construction Management Committee of Zhoushan City

Director Fan first introduced the development of Jintang screw in the past three decades. By the end of 2011, the annual output value of screw enterprises in the town had exceeded 2.86 billion yuan, accounting for 84.1% of the industrial output value of the island. The number of screw enterprises reached 548, and the number of screw employees reached 6780. Among them, there are 47 screw enterprises with an annual output value of less than 1 million yuan, 321 screw enterprises with an annual output value of million yuan, 103 screw enterprises with an annual output value of million yuan, 24 screw enterprises with an annual output value of million yuan, and 3 screw enterprises with an annual output value of hundreds of millions

among many screw enterprises, Zhejiang Huaye Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has become the leader with an annual output value of more than 5 billion. Ten years ago, when the enterprise did not have a research and development team, Xia Zengfu, the leader of the Chinese industry who wanted to enter the high-end market, decided to cooperate with several universities at the same time to develop each core component of the screw. The cost is high and the R & D cycle is long, but the product is unique, with high natural price and best-selling. Entering the overseas market is another magic weapon for Huaye screw, which is a well deserved leading enterprise in Jintang screw industry

at present, for most enterprises, they are faced with small enterprise scale and unbalanced development of industrial structure, which directly affects the technical equipment level and development and innovation ability of screw enterprises

Jintang plastic safety device screw enterprises are basically private enterprises. Relying on the institutional advantages, they seized the market opportunity and soon developed into the most concentrated plastic machine screw manufacturing industrial base in the country. However, the internal family management mode of private enterprises has exposed its limitations. The development of professional managers is relatively lagging behind, which has a negative impact on the promotion and subsequent development of industrial clusters. Moreover, most enterprises mainly rely on technology introduction and imitation, and lack the ability of independent innovation

in view of the current development situation, director Fan said, "first of all, our development and construction management committee will follow the suggestions of the Secretary of the Fu District Party committee and actively introduce overseas powerful enterprises to share advanced technology, so as to improve the development momentum among enterprises." With the entry of overseas powerful enterprises, in order to increase the market competitiveness and sense of urgency of local enterprises, so as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and promote enterprises to move forward. "Secondly, we should build technology platforms, academician workstations, screw quality testing centers and other platforms for enterprises to consult on technology, quality and other issues, so as to improve the technological innovation ability of enterprises and continuously improve management. Thirdly, we should continue to extend the Jintang screw industry chain and develop from raw materials, processing, machine parts and other industries in all directions. The government is very supportive of enterprises that are constantly enterprising and do business in a down-to-earth manner, and make continuous arrangements Training to guide enterprises, so the government will also give incentives to enterprises in brand creation, technology patents and other aspects to encourage enterprises to constantly seek new development momentum. "

Director Fan said that we will spare no effort for the future development of the enterprise and contribute to the better life of the people

Jintang screw has created a miracle of economic development in the past 30 years, such as antibacterial plastics, antibacterial fibers and fabrics, antibacterial ceramics, antibacterial metal materials, etc. it is believed that under the guidance of the government, Jintang screw industry will realize the ability of industrial structure adjustment and development and innovation as soon as possible. Let's look forward to the second rise of an industrial new town

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