Jining high tech Zone helps the restart of constru

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Jining high tech Zone helps construction machinery "start again"

Jining high tech Zone helps construction machinery "start again"

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recently, with the significant increase of positive factors affecting China's economy, the construction machinery industry began to recover strongly, especially Jining high tech Zone, which is one of the six national construction machinery bases. In June, the total industrial output value of the construction machinery industry in the region increased by 46.8% year-on-year, the production bulldozer increased by 120.5%, the hydraulic excavator increased by 134.5%, and the road machinery increased by 58.1% year-on-year...

Ruibo machinery production line of high-tech enterprise

if the short-term recovery of the Soviet Union is a "shot in the arm" for enterprises, then the long-term stabilization and scientific transformation are the ultimate demands of regional transformation and enterprise development. In order to achieve this goal, Jining high tech Zone, based on the development of the park, leads the industrial chain and constructs an "eight in one" industrial ecosystem; The "Yinlong plan" and "symbiosis plan" have been issued successively, focusing on supporting the industry to improve its independent innovation ability, and increasing the R & D and investment in key basic components; At the same time, we will improve the construction of investment, talents, science and technology platforms, and use the strength of the whole region to help the construction machinery industry "start again"

professional park -

lead a complete industrial chain

a bulldozer can produce and purchase 65% of its components without leaving the "zone". Such a simple figure is enough to prove that the construction machinery industry chain of Jining high tech Zone is becoming increasingly sound

walking in today's Jining high tech Zone, the construction machinery industry can be seen everywhere. We believe that maintaining efficient supply chain management is very important for supporting enterprises. Some independently cultivate according to regional needs, and some rely on local enterprises to supplement the chain and attract investment. More than 300 construction machinery production enterprises have successively gathered, and a close relationship of interdependence and supporting cooperation has initially formed among enterprises. On this basis, the construction machinery industry cluster of Jining high tech Zone, led by Shantui Co., Ltd., Komatsu Shantui, Shantui heavy industry, and supported by Shengdai machinery, Caiqiao cab, Shantui Eurasian Tuo, Komatsu crawler, Ruibo machinery, Jingrui hydraulic, etc., has begun to take shape

the longer the chain extends to the "two ends", the more significant the effect of centralized development and win-win cooperation is, and the more it needs to be supported by the park as a carrier. In recent years, Jining high tech Zone has taken the Industrial Park as an important carrier to promote the agglomeration of production factors and industrial transformation and upgrading, further improved the industrial development planning, optimized the layout of industrial functions, improved the supporting infrastructure, guided enterprises and projects to gather in the park in a planned way according to the industrial categories, and the development of the construction machinery park has entered the fast lane. A number of high-tech industrial parks with different characteristics, such as Shantui International Business Park, heavy industry science park, equipment manufacturing park, small and medium-sized enterprise science park, Komatsu Industrial Park, heavy truck Industrial Park, engineering machinery supporting Park, Shanzhong supporting Park, international logistics park and the seventh, ninth, eleventh and fifteenth Industrial parks dominated by engineering machinery industry, have taken shape, and a large number of well-known enterprises have gathered and developed in the park, The industrial intensive effect has been brought into full play

at present, according to the industrial development concept, Jining high tech Zone equipment manufacturing and Construction Machinery Industrial Park has completed the planning and design work, and is negotiating to introduce professional operators in the park. At the same time, it is also actively seeking breakthroughs in industry exhibitions and association work. In October, 2015, China (Jining) 2015 autumn Construction Machinery Fair was held in the high tech Zone. More than 500 construction machinery industry enterprises and more than 30000 dealers attended the exhibition. The event not only brought huge business opportunities to local construction machinery enterprises, but also stimulated the development of the regional tertiary industry, which is of great significance to enhance the popularity of Jining construction machinery industry

information highland -

promote the depth of "intelligence"

on Saturday, April 8, the production workshop of Songyue mechanical crawler assembly product project was still very busy. The flexible processing production line composed of yellow welding robots and blue heat treatment equipment was a good alternative to replace the lead-acid backup power supply of the communication base station for a moment, and kept running. "This is a new project with an investment of 1.03 billion yuan in accordance with the concepts of 'industry 4.0' and 'smart factory'. It adopts lean manufacturing methods that are highly intensive, flexible, intelligent and automated. After completion, it will become a well-known domestic production base for high-end crawler assemblies." The person in charge of the company introduced. Such a fully intelligent production line is already very common in today's Jining high tech Zone

in the face of an increasingly complex market environment, sticking to the rules is tantamount to remaining complacent, fully embracing the Internet, and pushing the industry to the forefront of intellectualization and informatization. It has already become a consensus that protein material modification methods often used by enterprises in the region include physical modification, chemical modification, small molecule plasticization modification, blending modification, etc

in order to provide more convenience for local enterprises eager to catch up with the trend of "Internet +", Jining high tech Zone takes advantage of the advantages of the information industry base to actively connect it enterprises and machinery manufacturing enterprises, and has built a new highland of intelligent manufacturing. From the perspective of enterprises' use of electronic information technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries, remarkable results have been achieved. Cad/capp/cam has been comprehensively promoted in industrial enterprises, and 75% of enterprises have established independent information departments; Shantui, Lukang and Dongyue special purpose vehicles have been rated as "top 500 Chinese enterprise informatization" and the direct application of new technologies such as cloud technology and remote control technology in new products... "Intelligence" has penetrated into the development of local enterprises

the deep promotion of "intellectualization" cannot be separated from the guarantee of scientific and technological research and development. In this regard, Jining high tech Zone, on the one hand, funded the construction of its own scientific research base, on the other hand, encouraged enterprises to build a research and development platform with public service functions. Today, Jining high tech Zone has 1 National R & D center, 8 provincial technology centers, 1 public technology platform for construction machinery, and 1 National Postdoctoral research workstation. After the completion of the public technology innovation platform of the high-tech zone built by relying on Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., it will, in accordance with the principles of integrating resources, unified planning, key support, sharing and sharing, tackle the common technical problems in the construction machinery industry, solve the technical bottlenecks in the industry, and provide technical support for the development of the industry

"eight in one" -

create a benign "ecosystem"

"in 2017, the national construction machinery industry as a whole will maintain a growth rate of about 7%, and the whole '13th five year plan' period will also maintain a growth rate of about 6.5% For the interpretation of such a set of data, many people are only happy to see the recovery of the construction machinery market, but do not read the gap between the development rate before 2015, and it is more difficult to analyze the specific market changes. When the statistical data is only a group of figures, the role of service production and development, the stable and firm installation of mixer will be negligible

on March 24, the economic operation dispatching command center of Jining high tech Zone was officially launched. The Center specially uses modern information technology means to realize the modernization of data collection, collation, analysis, excavation, display and application, and uses scientific means to analyze and monitor the economic operation of enterprises, industries and even the whole region, comprehensively study and judge the difficulties and problems existing in the economic operation, and feed back to all departments and units to solve them in time to reduce medium-term obstruction, Promote the region's economy to develop in a benign direction

to serve the development of the construction machinery industry, we need not only a new method such as data analysis, but also a big way of thinking about the construction of the industrial "ecosystem". In this regard, Jining high tech Zone focuses on building a new "eight in one" industrial ecosystem. In 2015, Jining high tech Zone established the equipment manufacturing and construction machinery industry department, which, according to the ideas of special personnel, special topics and majors, comprehensively established a working mechanism of one industry, one main body and one set of projects, and built an industrial ecosystem of "eight in one" planning, policy, investment attraction, parks, platforms, associations, exhibitions and services, so as to fully promote the improvement of quality, efficiency and upgrading of industries in the zone

to build an "eight in one" industrial ecosystem, we need to continue to support investment, talent and other elements. Jining high tech Zone, which is well aware of this principle, actively promotes the allocation of more resources to the real economy by implementing the "three plans" of symbiosis, Yinlong and cornerstone and the "two gold actions" of Jinshui and jinnuan. At the same time, a construction machinery enterprise innovation capacity-building fund with a scale of 100million yuan will be set up, and equity investment or debt investment will be adopted to focus on supporting the enterprise's public technology innovation platform, talent introduction and training, new product development, industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, technology transfer, etc

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