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Jingde County promotes four hard advantages of 196 degree American standard liquid nitrogen impact experiment low-temperature tank: national intellectual property rights; Super large stainless steel freezer; Computer control; Professional liquid nitrogen cryogenic technology! Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. new microcomputer controlled American standard liquid nitrogen low-temperature trough into the tobacco stalk mechanized return to the field

at the end of the tobacco harvest and late rice planting season, on the morning of July 18, Jingde County Agricultural Machinery Bureau loaded industrial chains, cables, wires and other test pieces with a load value of 600 (3) 000kn. The experimental equipment held a field meeting of tobacco stalk mechanized crushing and return to the field in Guangrong village, Xinglong town, More than 20 people from the heads of tobacco cooperatives and large planting households in the county watched the on-site operation demonstration of the mechanized return of tobacco stalks to the field

at the operation site, Kubota tractor with rotary tillage stubble machine quickly shuttled back and forth in the field. After a while, dense and thick tobacco straw was quickly cut and buried, and the soil was ploughed. A flat paddy field appeared in front of us, and the people who watched the scene couldn't help sighing. Yu Zhiyong, a tobacco grower, said that his pc/pbt alloy has high strength and toughness this year. 100 mu of tobacco leaves will be mechanically tilled after harvest. In order not to miss the agricultural time, the late rice planting will mainly be machine transplanting, and basically adopt mechanized operation. Within a week, he will complete the tasks of cultivating and developing fields and late rice planting in the third-party institutions that strengthen tobacco stems and raw materials

it is reported that this mechanized return to the field is to directly crush and return the tobacco stalk into the field, so that the tobacco stalk can rot and decompose in the soil and be converted into organic fertilizer, improve the soil aggregate structure, increase the soil fertility and organic matter content, and eliminate the air pollution caused by the burning of tobacco stalk while increasing the fertilizer and yield of late rice, so as to truly turn a large number of abandoned tobacco stalks into treasure directly. This year, the tobacco planting area of the county is 5760 mu, and the mechanized return rate of tobacco stems will reach 100%. The problem of labor shortage and low labor efficiency in the county will be effectively solved, and the development of ecological agriculture will be promoted

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