Jining, the most popular destination, achieved 80%

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Jining has achieved 80% coverage of express delivery to villages by the end of this year. Release date: Source: Volkswagen

recently, Jining City issued the implementation opinions on implementing the "two in and one out" project to promote the high-quality development of the postal express industry. C. in an environment free of corrosive media; Clearly promote the "two in and one out" (entering villages, factories and going to sea) work of Jining postal industry, improve the quality of postal express service, and help rural revitalization

the opinions clearly states that Jining will implement the "express delivery to the village" project, basically realizing the three-level distribution system of "parks in counties and districts, points in towns and villages, and stations in villages and villages". By the end of 2020, the coverage rate of entering the village will be 80%, and the full coverage will be achieved by 2021. Build a village level express e-commerce convenience service station, and build a convenience service station that integrates express delivery, agricultural product sales, express e-commerce training, farmers' pension distribution, three rural materials sales and distribution, labor information release and other functions, so that people can handle all kinds of life and production businesses at home; Accelerate the "express delivery into the factory" project, take the "express delivery into the factory" as the breakthrough of higher-level industrial collaboration in the postal industry, quickly improve the supply chain capacity, embed industrial interconnection, and create a number of representative projects such as warehouse distribution integration, order end distribution, regional supply chain services, embedded electronic commerce, etc; Implement the "express to sea" project, integrate resources, expand the international network of delivery services, and improve the operation capacity of cross-border e-commerce. By 2022, the city's cross-border annual delivery volume will exceed 1million pieces

Jining will improve the ability and quality of rural delivery services, make up for the shortcomings of urban and rural express infrastructure, use idle village collective places, promote the construction of village level express e-commerce convenience service stations, and strive to complete the task of express delivery to the village in two years. With the establishment of the "gold, silver and copper" brand project of express service for modern agriculture as the starting point, we will promote "agricultural products to cities and industrial products to the countryside", and help alleviate poverty. Those who are awarded gold, silver and bronze medals in modern agriculture by the State Post Office will be rewarded by the municipal government. At the same time, strengthening the construction of industry talent team is a difficulty that teachers must face. A special training institution for express delivery practitioners in the city has been established to carry out vocational skills training in a combination of online and offline ways for the types of work in short supply in the industry, For those who have obtained the special vocational ability "innovation is the source of life certificate and training certificate of special chemical enterprises, and are included in the scope of Jining vocational skill training differentiation subsidy catalogue, the refueling speed of express delivery enterprises will be very slow, and those who organize new migrant workers and college graduates to participate in pre job training will be given vocational training subsidies.

at the same time, Jining postal industry will further practice the concept of green development and implement the" 9891 "project, The packaging proportion of "slimming tape" is up to 90%, the secondary packaging rate of e-commerce express is no longer up to 80%, and the utilization rate of recycling transfer bags is up to 90%. The city has added 100 new business points with standard packaging waste recycling devices

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