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Tengxian Jinmao titanium dioxide opens up the market with brand strategy

Tengxian, the titanium dioxide capital of China, accounts for 10% of the national output of titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide industry has naturally become a pillar industry in the economic development of Tengxian county

Jinmao titanium dioxide Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise engaged in titanium dioxide production in Tengxian county. Its "tengmao" brand titanium dioxide accounts for half of the output of titanium dioxide in Tengxian County, and naturally becomes the mainstay holding up the "capital of titanium dioxide in China"

"our products are sold to more than 10 provinces and cities such as Guangdong, Fujian and Beijing, and also exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as the United States, Spain, the Netherlands, Cuba, Japan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao. Last year, our enterprise output value exceeded 250million yuan, and it is expected to increase by about 30% this year." In the office building of the factory, zhuyongjun, deputy general manager of Jinmao titanium dioxide Co., Ltd., told that although the market competition is very fierce, the logo of "tengmao" brand has been deeply imprinted on the domestic and foreign markets. The enterprise has not only stabilized the regular customers for decades, but also expanded a large number of new customers every year because of the function of mechanical (Electrical) safety protection equipment, This makes the enterprise in an invincible position in the volatile market

it is understood that although the titanium dioxide market has experienced many "reshuffles", it is still in a state of overcapacity, and the intensity of competition is self-evident. However, for Jinmao titanium dioxide Co., Ltd., this does not greatly affect the company's plan to increase production, because in fact, the production of "tengmao" brand titanium dioxide has increased by more than 20% in recent years, but there is no inventory in the enterprise warehouse

why? Zhu Yongjun's answer is: in the brand era, we have our own brand

"in fact, our enterprise has expanded its production every year since the late 1990s. It is unimaginable without certain brand influence and brand support." Zhu Yongjun believes that an enterprise must have a famous brand, so as to stabilize old customers, develop new customers and enhance its ability to resist market risks

the success of the brand strategy made "tengmao" titanium dioxide obtain the name 12 and sample number of Guangxi famous brand product and Guangxi famous trademark early. With the support of the brand, "tengmao" titanium dioxide is not only handy in dealing with the competition in the domestic market, but also sells 60% of its products overseas - in the market and in the eyes of customers, "tengmao" has become the spokesman of product quality and reputation

Zhu Yongjun said that today's Jinmao titanium dioxide Co., Ltd. is actively implementing activities of energy conservation, emission reduction, consumption reduction, cost reduction and quality improvement. With its own scientific and technological strength, it has formulated enterprise standards for titanium dioxide production of different models, making the "tengmao" brand stronger and more influential in the market

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