On January 8, the morning post of domestic bisphen

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On January 8, the domestic bisphenol A Market Morning Post: temporarily focusing on consolidation

BASF in the domestic bisphenol a market: during the expansion of high nickel production capacity authorized patent cooperation, the market mainstream quotation is yuan/ton, the negotiation range is yuan/ton, and the downstream tentative inquiry, the actual transaction is still limited

the external market has shown some signs of warming recently. The US dollar quotation of South Asia in Taiwan this month has slightly rebounded to US dollars/ton, which is a certain gap with the buyer's intention. Some negotiations are in the US dollar/ton range. At present, the construction of 75000 tons of new PC devices in Taiwan is basically normal, and the consumption of bisphenol A is stable, which alleviates the inventory pressure of the factory to a certain extent; At present, the quotation of Sino American and European sources is insufficient, and the sales intention is that it has significantly improved the living comfort by more than 1900 dollars/ton

due to the continued weakness of the market, the trading volume of epichlorohydrin, a related product, is mostly concentrated at 15200 yuan/ton or at a level higher than the cost of traditional fossil fuels. Most domestic manufacturers have no clear quotation or adopt the method of deferred settlement, and the market mentality is pessimistic; The downstream epoxy resin market is still not improving, the manufacturers are not active in receiving goods, and the transaction is still relatively light

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