On January 24, the market of polybutadiene rubber

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On January 24, the cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber market rose by half, and the market was stable and positive

East China: due to the extremely limited supply of goods in the market, the market price in East China rose steadily, and traders' reluctance to sell increased. There are a few quotations in the market of Zhejiang. The quotation of cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber in Shanghai market has reached about, and the market supply is still scarce. The willingness of goods holders to ship is generally not strong, and the transaction is good

South China: the market is stable, the market supply has been replenished, and the transaction is good. The transaction price in Guangzhou has reached about 17500, and the market supply is still in short supply. Yanhua gb/t11352 (2) 009 "general engineering cast carbon steel parts" is particularly scarce. 12. Working environment: room temperature ~ 45 ℃ "Yang Jianjun introduced the situation well

North China: as the overall supply of goods is still tight, the market in North China has stabilized. The mainstream quotations in the surrounding areas of Yanhua vary, and the supply of goods in the market is still relatively tight, while it will take time for the tense situation of goods in the local market to ease. The mainstream quotation of Yanshan supply in Tianjin is about 17100, and the price of a small amount of Dushanzi Shunding is also about 17100; Due to the small supply, some traders' price reports remain at a high level. Although there are batch Yanshan supply in the market, the overall supply is still limited

Northeast China: due to the slight rise in the market price of this region driven by the increase of Daqing Petrochemical's quotation again, the mainstream price of Daqing and Jinzhou source markets in the market is about 17000, up about 100; However, the supply of manufacturers is still limited, and the inventory of operators is at a low level; The downstream inquiry is active and the transaction is active

market trend analysis: Although the tight supply of market resources is difficult to ease for the time being, the price has hit a high level last year. Traders have sufficient confidence in the future market. In addition, natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber have injected positive support into the CIS polybutadiene rubber market. It is expected that the CIS polybutadiene rubber market will continue to be stable and positive in the short term. (unit: yuan/ton)

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