On January 16, the quotation of Shahe glass fell s

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On January 16, the quotation of Shahe glass fell steadily, and the Dejin small board fell

on January 16, 2017, Shahe glass fell steadily, and Dejin 3. 5mm-5mm down 0. 2 yuan/Ping, no change from other manufacturers

today's safety board 5mm (2*2. 44) 60. 8 yuan/heavy container

Shahe warehouse out at the weekend was acceptable, and the inventory of production enterprises decreased. Dejin lowered slightly, and other manufacturers were also in a relatively flexible state in the actual transaction price. Zhongwang took advantage of "new energy" to expand the application space of automotive aluminum. For the convenience of operation, enterprises have taken various preferential measures such as price reduction and rebate to stimulate dealers to pick up goods. Although the market sentiment for picking up goods has increased, some are still cautious, believing that there is still room for price reduction

although the local safety line 5 has been shut down, the ignition of Jindong new line does not pose a major impact and is still in a stable state. The processing enterprise counts once a cycle, and the demand has entered the lowest state at this stage; Some dealers in the market have also been on holiday; In the later stage, logistics also improves the supporting strength of the base, and there is a holiday plan. At present, we are actively selling and waiting for low-cost stock up

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