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Rim and Chinatelecom negotiate and cooperate

the BlackBerry manufacturer rim (reachinmotion, hereinafter referred to as "rim") that has been fighting in the Chinese market for three years seems to be increasingly marginalized. BlackBerry must re-examine this market they are still unfamiliar with and make adjustments. Is the cooperation with Chinatelecom its breakthrough in China

a senior manager of Chinatelecom Tianyi business confirmed that Chinatelecom is preparing to introduce blackberry, and the two sides are in talks, "if it goes well, Chinatelecom's BlackBerry will officially appear next year"

first battle with China

BlackBerry entered China in 2006 after six years in Europe and the United States, binding China Mobile to expand the Chinese market. However, although BlackBerry ranks first in the European and American smart market, it has stumbled in the Chinese market

it is undeniable that BlackBerry still maintains a leading edge in the global smart market. Over the past 10 years, rim has sold 50million smartphones, and its market value has risen from $96million to $42billion

rim has only more than 10000 employees worldwide, but has established an unprecedented strong sales network, which has a great relationship with rim's advantage of being able to contact end customers with the help of communication operators

in Hong Kong, BlackBerry has established cooperation with all local communication operators. When entering Chinese Mainland, blackberry chose the only partner - China Mobile

whether the relationship between rim and China Mobile is happy or not raises questions for the public. After all, when iPhone entered China, the negotiation with China Mobile finally broke up unhappily and went to Unicom. And where can blackberry, which entered China earlier than iPhone, be luckier than iPhone

many BlackBerry customers report that BlackBerry charges are high, and the narrow choice also slows down the speed of BlackBerry's market expansion in China

BlackBerry cooperates with the customer department of China Mobile Group to jointly launch BlackBerry business. In this cooperation, rim is responsible for the early employee training to help the employees of China Mobile get familiar with the BlackBerry service content and further jointly develop some major customers. For other small customers and remaining scattered customers, China Mobile will complete it. As for the formulation of tariffs, China Mobile is fully responsible, and rim is completely speechless

there are two standard charges for BlackBerry business in Chinese Mainland, one is 398 yuan per month, and the other is 598 yuan per month. Miss Jia, a department manager of the company, said, "although we can bear the charge of blackberry, it is still a 'high consumption'."

there is only one cooperative model between blackberry and China Mobile, blackberry8700. This model belongs to the low-end model of blackberry, and many customers say it can't meet their needs

according to Li Tong, general manager of rim's China market, rim's profits mainly come from two aspects, one is the profit sharing with communication operators, the other is the sales and update of BlackBerry BlackBerry users in China buy through abnormal channels and then enjoy the services of China Mobile, which will inevitably reduce the benefits brought by the terminal to rim

in addition, there is a conflict between blackberry and China Mobile in terms of the increasing international influence of China's plastic machinery industry, which also makes China Mobile lack motivation to promote BlackBerry. Therefore, China Mobile is only concerned about sharing the business profits with BlackBerry. As for the promotion of blackberry, there are few actions

an industry analyst said, "BlackBerry is only an option for China Mobile to add high-end customers. The grounding wire of the plug should be checked before the equipment is operated. It is not the main business of China Mobile. Moreover, BlackBerry's push mail business conflicts with China Mobile's 139 mailbox." The relevant information of mailbox 139 was found on the page of China Mobile, and it was found that the business of mailbox 139 was quite similar to that of blackberry, but the charge of only 98 yuan per month made BlackBerry lose its advantage

a series of signs seem to imply that the cooperation between China Mobile and rim is unhappy. Rim is extremely sensitive to this statement. Li Tong said, "the cooperation between us and China Mobile has been satisfactory to both sides so far. The enterprise market is not achieved overnight, and it needs to be done step by step and steadily. Chen quanxun, counselor of the State Council, President of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and Secretary of the Party committee, inspected the innovation group." the caution during this period is evident

not adapted

BlackBerry customers in China are mainly divided into two categories, one is foreign enterprises entering China, and the other is large Chinese enterprises. Foreign enterprises entering China have formed the habit of using blackberries. After they enter China, they also promote the use of blackberries by local personnel within the enterprise

however, Chinese enterprises need to cultivate the habit of using instant messaging and working at any time, and Chinese enterprises are not used to using e-mail, which makes BlackBerry a little "boring" at first

interviewed an employee of China National Petroleum Corporation who specializes in foreign business, he said: "BlackBerry is called 'life reminder', which is a disguised form of overtime. In addition, our office is signed by leaders before it takes effect, and sending and receiving email cannot replace the signature of leaders."

an employee of COFCO group also held the same attitude. He just "heard his voice" about BlackBerry: "leader signature is the most important form. Sending and receiving e-mail can only notify people, but it cannot form effective instructions."

BlackBerry still needs to continue to "cultivate feelings" for enterprise users, and blackberry seems to have no advantages for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users

according to the BlackBerry Business Department of China Mobile, if small and medium-sized enterprises want to enjoy BlackBerry services, they should meet the requirements of BlackBerry in terms of hardware. If you can't meet the hardware requirements, you must rely on third-party software development, and the cost of software development is entirely borne by the enterprise

manager Hu of youbeirui technology company said, "BlackBerry only provides a platform. If enterprises want to realize the office function on blackberry, they must realize the software connection on the BlackBerry platform, and the cost ranges from 100000 to 500000. In addition, the monthly fee of 400 to 600 yuan for BlackBerry business is also a great burden."

for individual users, only Beijing and Shenzhen can open BlackBerry business now, but they must be VIP users of global connect, which greatly reduces the scope of users. The problem of tariff is a headache for individuals

in fact, rim has always emphasized that the main feature of blackberry is not the terminal, but the service. Therefore, how to effectively combine the needs of business customers with their own services and form customer loyalty on this basis has become the next step for BlackBerry to further solidify its business image

rim has indeed made a lot of efforts to provide customized services for Chinese customers. However, when enterprise customers "pay the bill", they only delineate "niche" users

the deep cooperation between blackberry and Andersen securities goes far beyond the significance brought to them in terms of quantity. According to manager Jiang, the head of IT Department of Andersen securities, although Andersen securities has only purchased about 200 blackberries, rim has carried out software research and development for them, so that the OA office system of Andersen securities can be implemented on

Andersen securities expressed satisfaction with blackberry, but at the same time, it had a little complaint about BlackBerry charges

in addition, the rampant parallel shipments of BlackBerry also disrupted the normal sales of blackberry, resulting in the loss of potential BlackBerry end customers. A dealer in Zhongguancun said, "we all sell the latest BlackBerry models, and now there are no licensed products in the market, they are all parallel products."

extended users

in July this year, rim established the Beijing Branch of North foam granule machine in Beijing, replacing the representative office when it just entered China, and gregoryshea, vice president of government relations in the Asia Pacific region of rim, served as the president of China

Li Tong described his boss as "a China expert". Li Tong said, "xieguorui is a foreigner with a foreigner's way of thinking, but at the same time, he is also half Chinese and is very familiar with China. The Chinese market is an important market for BlackBerry, and we must understand our customers."

as for BlackBerry's next strategy, Li Tong replied, "we will focus on two aspects of market development, one is the development of small and medium-sized enterprise customers, and the other is the market development of individual users." BlackBerry has begun to penetrate into individual customers in the North American market and achieved good results. However, rim still faces great challenges to achieve success in small and medium-sized enterprise customers and individual customers in China

rim kept silent about its cooperation with Chinatelecom, while constantly emphasizing that the cooperation with China Mobile was not exclusive, which had already laid the groundwork for its entry into Chinatelecom

rim's BlackBerry Internet service registration page for Chinatelecom was recently exposed. This link provides BlackBerry users with a personal email push service, making Chinatelecom start to respond positively to its cooperation with BlackBerry

manager Cao said to him, "we are in negotiations with rim. If the details are confirmed, Chinatelecom's BlackBerry will officially appear at the beginning of next year. BlackBerry will be labeled as' Tianyi 'and become a new member of Tianyi."

the obsolescence of BlackBerry models and the high cost of fees make BlackBerry seem a little distant to small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users. The cooperation with Chinatelecom has led people to speculate that rim has begun to clear the way for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users

but manager Cao denied this statement: "BlackBerry is mainly aimed at enterprise users, and Tianyi is also focused on enterprise users. The cooperation with BlackBerry can just strengthen our business. BlackBerry business, as Chinatelecom's service for enterprise users, will definitely decline in tariffs."

although BlackBerry is still far away from individual users, it cannot resist the favor of individual users

Li Tong responded, "we will introduce more BlackBerry models and enrich BlackBerry services to meet customer needs. With the gradual popularization of 3G, BlackBerry will meet personal needs for the latest information and communicate at the first time." Manager Cao said, "if more and more people want to use BlackBerry, the BlackBerry business of individual users will be popularized, and the tariff will also be reduced."

once tried to ask rim for details of cooperation with Chinatelecom, but received no reply. Rim still followed its rigorous and low-key style, and they remained silent until the official results were released

in the more than three years of war in China, rim gave up the consistent arrogance of large multinational companies and began to slowly adapt to this huge market. While maintaining a good relationship with communication operators, it has also achieved results in actively adapting to Chinese enterprises, and blackberry is extremely happy with the favor of non enterprise users

for future development, Li Tong said, "we should always maintain the spirit of an entrepreneur and be prepared to endure hardship before we can continue to move forward in China." Economic Observer

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