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Strong demand supports the steady rise of Shanghai Jiao futures price. Overview of the market: Shanghai Jiao has been steadily rising step by step this week, with the highest price of 22645 and the lowest price of 21430, closing at 22630, up 1395 points, or 6.57%, with a total trading volume of 4.29 million hands and a total position of 258000 hands, an increase of 32070 hands. The inventory is 117093 tons, reducing 7545 tons when sending beverage bottles to self-service beverage bottle recycling machines or manual recycling points

fundamental analysis: the U.S. Department of labor announced over the weekend that the seasonally adjusted non-agricultural employment population in the United States decreased by 11000 in November compared with the previous month, the smallest decline since December 2007; The unemployment rate in January was 10.0%. The market originally estimated that the non-agricultural employment population decreased by 130000 in November, and the unemployment rate was 10.2%. As investors worried that the good transfer of the economy prompted the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in advance, the dollar was immediately sought after and hit the largest increase in more than five months, dragging down the prices of commodities such as gold, copper and crude oil

the association of natural rubber producing countries (ANRPC) said on the 30th that the rubber production of Thailand, the world's largest rubber producer, may decline to 2.9 million tons in 2009, down 6% from 3.09 million tons in 2008. Due to abnormal heavy rain, floods were caused. The association's previous estimate was 3.07 million tons. ANRPC also said that Indonesia's rubber production in 2009 is expected to decline by 5.7% to 2.59 million tons, lower than 2.75 million tons in 2008, and its previous estimate was 2.52 million tons. Malaysia's rubber production in 2009 was estimated to be 951000 tons, lower than 1.07 million tons in 2008, and the previous estimate of the association was 1.02 million tons. Natural rubber production in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia accounts for about 70% of the world's total production. The decline in natural rubber production this year is the main reason why the hydraulic universal testing machine has been widely used in large steel enterprises and quality inspection unit laboratories recently, "said Nicolas beyl, general manager of reaction molding Technology Department of Klaus mafi group

according to the natural rubber inventory statistics of the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) as of November 20, 2009, the natural rubber inventory has increased by 824 tons to 2754 tons in the past 10 days, an increase of 42%. The latest data released by the Japan Rubber Trade Association showed that as of November 20, Japan's natural rubber inventory had a total of 4721 tons, an increase of 21% from the record low of 3902 tons on November 10. The previous record low was reached in October 2008, when it was 4004 tons. The increase in inventory level is due to the arrival of new shipments. At present, Japan's domestic economic downturn, its demand remains weak

the chart shows the trend of natural rubber inventory in Japan. (image source: Green Futures)

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