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RIGOL digital oscilloscope optimizes the automatic measurement solution of lighter production line

in recent years, China's lighter market has developed by leaps and bounds, which has not only been active in the domestic market, but also made remarkable achievements in the world market. According to statistics, the global annual demand for lighters is 16billion, while the production of lighters in China can reach about 10billion, with an annual sales of 7billion yuan, accounting for about 70% of the world's lighter production

at present, most lighters in China are produced using piezoelectric effect technology. Piezoelectric effect is the phenomenon that heterogeneous charges appear on the surface of some media when they deform under the action of force. This magical effect of realizing power electric conversion and other functions has been applied to many fields closely related to production, life, military, science and technology. Domestic lighter manufacturers basically choose piezoelectric ceramics as raw materials

it is very important to measure the instantaneous voltage generated by ceramic components in the production process of lighters. In the traditional production line, domestic lighters manufacturers lack professional measuring instruments, and the only lighter electronic tester in the market has a single function, which can not be extended and applied, and the operation is complex and can not realize automation. In addition, the high price makes it unable to provide value for lighter manufacturers

Figure 1 piezoelectric ignition element

if other instruments are selected for measurement, because the duration of voltage pulse is very short and the pointer inertia is large, the pointer of ordinary pointer type multi-purpose ammeter cannot synchronously reflect the maximum amplitude deflection of voltage change; Due to the slow response speed of liquid crystal display, most ordinary digital display types can better meet the needs of economic development in Baotou City, and the electricity meter has no time to display the highest instantaneous voltage. It can only display the random voltage reading in the process of voltage drop (relatively gentle stage), which can not be applied in practice. Therefore, only high-performance digital oscilloscopes have the ability to test this. For example, in this case, Beijing Puyuan Jingyi Technology Co., Ltd. (RIGOL) DS1000 digital oscilloscopes have been used in some production lines in Wenzhou

RIGOL digital oscilloscope application test scheme

the DS1000 series high-performance digital oscilloscope launched by RIGOL has a bandwidth of 100m, a real-time sampling rate of 400msa/s, and a storage depth of 1m sampling points. It is widely used in electronic circuit testing, mixed signal circuit measurement and many other leading industries. Don't covet the low price range. RIGOL DS1000 plays a great advantage in the instantaneous voltage test of lighters. The process of measuring the voltage waveform and pulse duration of the lighter with RIGOL DS1000 oscilloscope is as follows:

Step 1: set the attenuation coefficient of the probe and ch1 channel to 1:1000

step 2, set the trigger. Press the "menu" button in the trigger control area to display the trigger setting menu. Under this menu, use menu operation keys 1 to 5 respectively to set the trigger type as "edge trigger", the edge type as "rising edge", the source selection as "ch1", the trigger mode as "single" or "normal", and the coupling of "trigger setting" as "DC". Then adjust the horizontal time base and vertical gear to the appropriate range. Next, rotate the "level" knob in the trigger control area to adjust the appropriate trigger level. Finally, press the "run/stop" execution button and wait for the signal that meets the trigger conditions to appear

Figure 2. RIGOL DS1000 captures waveforms in single and ordinary ways

if a signal reaches the set trigger level, it is sampled once and displayed on the screen. (with this function, you can easily capture accidental events, such as the waveform change of piezoelectric ceramic pressure discharge: set the trigger level to just above the normal waveform level, press the "run/stop" button to wait, and when the discharge waveform occurs, the machine will automatically trigger and record the waveform for a period of time before and after the trigger.)

in the last step of the measurement process, the crocodile clips of the two wires on the probe input terminal should be connected to the two electrodes of the piezoelectric element of the lighter respectively. Press the black plastic pressure bar quickly, and you can see that the horizontal bright line originally located at the central height jumps up (or down) and remains. At this time, the amplitude reading displayed on the oscilloscope is 18.6kv, and the pulse falling edge time is 8.6 μ s。 Adjust the cursor position, and the pulse duration is about 10.0 μ s。

the cursor tracking measurement method of RIGOL DS1000 oscilloscope is to display the crosshairs on the measured waveform. By moving the horizontal position of the cursor, the cursor will automatically locate on the waveform, and display the horizontal and vertical coordinates of the current positioning point and the horizontal and vertical increments between the two cursors. Among them, the horizontal coordinate is displayed in time value, and the vertical coordinate is displayed in voltage value

in addition, the U-disk storage function of RIGOL DS1000 oscilloscope can also be called to save the discharge waveform. The internal storage area of oscilloscope and Μ Save and call out waveforms and setting files on sb storage device, or Μ The waveform file, setting file, bitmap file and CSV file on the sb storage device can be created and deleted. Although the internal storage file of the instrument cannot be deleted, it can be overwritten

Figure 3 DS1000 oscilloscope cursor tracking and all measurements

Figure 4 RIGOL DS1000 oscilloscope U disk storage

Figure 5 normal discharge waveform on DS1000. Figure 6 abnormal discharge waveform on DS1000

realize automation by using p/f function

in the lighter production line with electronic ignition, the inspection of its ignition device mainly has two parameters: 1. After pressing the button at one time under the current world economic trend, the output terminal outputs the first peak voltage of 18600v; 2. The rising time of the first wave peak is about 10.0 μ s。 But even if it is a factory dedicated measuring device, it also requires a lot of labor costs to detect these two parameters. In order to solve this problem, RIGOL proposed a solution to realize automatic measurement with p/f module

by using self-made pure resistance voltage divider and resistance capacitance voltage divider to divide the voltage, we found that because the discharge voltage is sharp and so on, it becomes non negligible, making the partial voltage on each resistance different in the discharge process; Generally, if the inductance and capacitance in the voltage divider rise, the rise time is 3 μ S, which makes the small inductive reactance and capacitive reactance in the pure resistance circuit negligible under normal circumstances. The oscillation and self-excited electric field of the device will act on the piezoelectric ceramics through the circuit during the discharge process, making the piezoelectric ceramics produce huge dielectric loss or polarization during the re discharge, so it often makes the piezoelectric ceramics ineffective

rigol finally provided solutions to the following problems:

1. Use a pure resistance voltage divider. It is recommended to divide the voltage by 1:1000 (without high-voltage resistance, 100k:100m series connection), and measure the voltage on the 100k resistance

2. Use RIGOL DS1000 to collect the discharge curve of a normal igniter passing through the voltage divider

3. Referring to this curve, use DG series function/arbitrary waveform generator to create a suitable waveform output to the oscilloscope. RIGOL DS1000 uses this input to create p/f rules, set a reasonable trigger level, and take the ordinary trigger mode. In this way, the ignition devices that the oscilloscope outputs P and cannot be triggered are unqualified products

for the formulation of the standard, it is suggested to test the igniter, measure the critical curve that can ignite, and take this as the detection standard

the following are the inspection results of some ignition devices using this scheme. Although automated testing systems have been applied in some production lines, many factories are still in the stage of manual testing. This manual test method is to directly feel the product with human fingers. Every time a piezoelectric component is tested, the factory workers must personally feel the voltage. If the paralysis is different from the normal voltage, it is judged as a leakage product. Obviously, this method will not only bring great harm to workers' bodies, but also make it impossible to ensure the actual quality of products when their bodies are in a state of numbness for a long time. Industrial production lines need more safety solutions such as RIGOL to provide dual protection for workers' health and product quality

summary of this paper

in industrial production, the characteristics of piezoelectric ceramics that convert external forces into electrical energy can also be applied to gas stove ignition switches, shell trigger fuses, loudspeakers, phonographs, seismometers and other devices. Piezoelectric actuators made by using piezoelectric effect have become important devices in the fields of precision machinery, microelectronics and bioengineering because of their precise control function, The guarantee of the factory quality of these precision devices is inseparable from efficient measurement solutions. As the largest supplier of basic measurement products and solutions in China, the application of RIGOL in the lighter production line this time is a successful case with reference value, which provides samples of high availability test links for batch testing the overall analog output signal quality of many components

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