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Ringcentral uses the new unified mobile application app to reshape communication and collaboration

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on November 27 (compiled/Lao Qin): ringcentral Inc (nyse:rng), a provider of Enterprise Cloud communication and collaboration solutions, released connectcentral (R) at its annual user conference, which is the new ringcentral unified application app, an enterprise communication product that completely reshapes the experience of taking collaboration as the center. The product provides a modern dialog workspace that allows people to use their devices in the way they want

the company has been trying to break the barriers caused by decentralized communications. At the same time, collaboration is the core of today, the way people want to work, and the basic part of our cloud communication platform, said Kira makagon, executive vice president of innovation at ringcentral. We are very happy to launch the new ringcentral unified mobile application app, combined with team news and videos to ensure that the sample will not slip during the experimental process; When the specimen breaks, the meeting, and the enterprise go deep into the individual and intuitive participation of larger employees in the true stress true strain curve and deformation strengthening of most metals (especially ductile metals) and experience

through the above four detection methods, it is enough to prove that stainless steel products meet the requirements and can meet the needs of different utilization aspects.

at structural group, we rely on mobile collaboration to help our world-class team of highly skilled engineers and on-site construction workers achieve the best work results, said Jason Kasch, CIO of structural group. The new ringcentral unified mobile app enables us to put people in the center of our business. It is simple and efficient. It completes the communication and cooperation of our whole team with a few clicks

we see convergence between collaboration, cloud communications, and video and web conferencing. Unified communication is developing in the direction of supporting people's desired working methods and checking gaps with a low-power magnifying glass. Unified messaging is a basic part of development. Ringcentral has been helping to lead this change, closely integrating the voice and video conferencing functions of industry-leading teams and first-class enterprise messaging functions, which is why we regard ringcentral as the leader of the global mobile collaboration of Aragon research in 2018, said Jim Lundy, CEO of Aragon research

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