The hottest Rio Olympic subway opened today. All t

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Rio's "Olympic subway" opened today. All the trains are made in China

Rio's "Olympic subway" opened today. All the trains are made in China

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local time this Sunday, the Rio Olympic subway line 4 built for the current Olympic Games was opened to traffic. Brazilian acting president temer and IOC President Bach became the first passengers to unveil the subway. Because this line connects the downtown area of Rio and BAHA Olympic Park, one of the main venues of the Olympic Games, it is also known as the "Olympic subway". The opening of this line has shortened the time from downtown Rio to Baja District, where the Olympic Park is located, by one hour. This project, which costs the most and has the longest construction period, was finally completed before the Olympic Games and will be officially opened for operation on August 1

the acting president of Brazil became the first batch of passengers

the acting president of Brazil temer got on the train from the "virgin of peace" station of Metro Line 4 in the Southern District of Rio on the same day, and took the subway accompanied by the mayor of Rio, the governor of Rio and others to the "but Ocean Park" station in Baha'i District, where he attended the opening ceremony. Temer said at the opening ceremony that when Rio succeeded in bidding for the Olympic Games in 2009, he once had concerns, "but when I came here again a few years later, I found that everything was improving, especially this time I saw that Metro Line 4 could bring real convenience to many Rio families." Temer also said that the Olympic Games helped Brazil get out of the economic crisis. "Brazilians should hold hands to overcome the crisis, and sports is the best way. Sports connect the country and the people."

the special line opened for the Olympic Games was originally planned to be completed and opened to traffic last December, but due to economic, political and other reasons, the opening time was postponed to August 1. "On August 1, spectators with Olympic tickets and athletes with certificates can take this train, while ordinary citizens in Rio need to wait until the end of the Rio Paralympic Games on September 19." Brazilian transport minister Vieira said. The Rio municipal and state governments spent a total of 14.5 billion reais (about US $4.471 billion) on the transportation transformation in preparation for the Olympic Games, and the subway alone accounted for two-thirds of the total funds. In addition, Rio also built a new urban light rail, two new BRT lines, and renovated existing subway stations and some urban roads. It is worth mentioning that Rio Metro began operation in 1979. Before the opening of line 4, there were only L1 and L2 lines. Chengdu Business Daily once experienced Rio Metro during the 2013 Confederations Cup. The two lines are distinguished by color. Although it is convenient, the price is not cheap. Taking the subway once needs close to RMB 10

Rio Metro Line 4 is also the largest urban infrastructure project in Latin America in recent years. The project started in 2010, took six years, and created 30000 direct and indirect jobs. Due to the special landform and high mountains in the middle, many difficulties were encountered in the construction process. About 340 companies and 200 experts and consultants have participated in the construction of loaded iron relying on the vibration of electromagnets. The whole project cost 9.7 billion reais, including 8.5 billion reais invested by Rio state government

it will not be open to the public until after the Paralympic Games

it is worth pointing out that all the trains running on Metro Line 4 are made in China. CRRC Changchun Railway Passenger Car Co., Ltd., which produces trains, will also ensure the safety of the trains while ensuring that the additives have a suitable performance price ratio during the Olympic Games. The eight working hours in the daily warranty will be changed to 24 working hours throughout the day, and three shifts will be implemented in the morning, noon and evening, Ensure that the vehicle leaves the warehouse with zero fault and returns to the warehouse with zero fault

Rodrigo Vieira, director of the transportation department of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, said in an interview that they are very satisfied with the quality and design of the trains made in China, and the Rio state government plans to purchase more Chinese trains in the future. According to Wang huaifeng, the overseas representative of CRRC long-distance passengers, who produces the "Olympic subway", the Metro Line 4 project was signed in 2013, with a total of 15 groups of 90 vehicles. At present, nearly 60% of the metro vehicles made in China are serving the special line for the 2016 Rio Olympic games. The first train of the Olympic dedicated subway vehicle project arrived in Rio in February 2015, and all vehicles were delivered at the end of November last year

Rio Metro Line 4 stops at 5 stations, with an average of one train every 8 minutes during the Olympic Games. In order to facilitate the audience to take the subway, the standard software has built-in gb/t228.1 (2) 010, gb/t1040 (2) 008, gb/t528 (1) 998 and other more than 30 experimental standards to watch the Olympic Games. During the Olympic Games, the subway operation time can be extended to 2 a.m. at the latest. The route will not be opened to the public until the Olympic and Paralympic Games are completed. According to the statistics of the Vargas foundation, a famous think tank in Brazil, after the subway is put into operation, the commute time from downtown Rio to Baha'i district will be shortened by at least one hour. The line plans to transport 300000 people a day, and 2000 cars on the road will be reduced every day during the peak period. At the same time, the operation of Rio Metro Line 4 is also conducive to reducing the traffic accident rate and air pollution index

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