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Nitto powder metallurgy technology innovation helps the new development of home appliance industry

Nitto powder metallurgy technology innovation helps the new development of home appliance industry

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powder metallurgy is a new material preparation technology. With the rapid development of powder metallurgy production technology in recent years, the application field of products continues to expand and become an important part of modern industry

in the development of household appliances, many household appliances will be used in powder metallurgy process. China only needs various compressors for powder metallurgy structural parts, such as air conditioners, refrigerators for rotary compressors, etc., with an annual output of about 355million units, each of which requires grams of powder metallurgy structural parts. The annual output of refrigerator connecting rod compressors is about 827million, and each requires 100g powder metallurgy structural parts; The annual output of screw air conditioners and refrigerator compressors is about 3.1 million units, each requiring 30200 grams of powder metallurgy components

at present, China's household appliances have entered a stage of steady development, and the quality of household appliances and their materials is becoming increasingly important, especially the powder metallurgy materials widely used in household appliances

it is understood that Shenzhen Ridong science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ridong powder") was founded in 1997. In cooperation with the Powder Metallurgy Research Institute of Central South University, it focuses on the research and development of PM and MIM processes of powder metallurgy, provides customers with various high-precision and complex powder metallurgy products of mechanical hardware parts, and gives professional advice according to customer needs, customizes overall solutions, helps customers improve efficiency and save costs. With 22 years of industry application experience, Ridong powder has developed 6000 + product varieties and customized 3300 + sets of molds, which can meet various shapes, materials and applications. Among them, the metallurgical products produced by Ridong powder have the characteristics of high precision, uniform organization, excellent performance and low production cost, and are widely used in the household appliance industry

because some household appliance materials and parts can only be manufactured by powder metallurgy, such as porous self-lubricating bearings for refrigerator compressors, washing machines, electric fans, etc; Some materials and parts of household appliances are manufactured by powder metallurgy, with better processing quality and lower price, such as gears and magnets with complex shapes in exhaust fans of household air conditioners and vacuum cleaners. In addition, powder metallurgy is of great significance in maintaining ecology, protecting the environment, saving materials and energy

the powder metallurgy process produces almost no smoke or chemical pollution, its near net shape manufacturing parts are few or no cutting, the waste loss is the least, and its single piece weight is light, and the material utilization rate is the highest. According to statistics, the cost of using powder metallurgy materials for the same kind of products is reduced by 75% and the efficiency is increased by 1.7 times. Therefore, from the perspective of improving the performance of home appliance materials or reducing the cost of home appliance materials, it is imperative to develop and apply powder metallurgy materials in the home appliance industry, and Nitto powder has become an important enterprise in the home appliance industry

as a model in China's powder metallurgy industry, in recent years, Ridong technology company has actively implemented the technology innovation driven strategy, focusing on talent training and introduction. The main core technical team comes from Central South University, and its performance is very stable. It has more than 10 professional technical teams, who have been engaged in the powder metallurgy industry for more than 10 years on average, and has reached a strategic cooperation with the Powder Metallurgy Research Institute of Central South University. Over the past 22 years, Nitto technology has focused on the research and development of PM and MIM process of powder metallurgy, firmly mastered the core technology of PM of powder metallurgy, and creatively cast precision quality

relying on the strong R & D strength of the technology center, the company submitted and passed ISO9001 quality system certification and various patent certifications. With first-class technology, advanced technology and excellent product quality, it has won the favor of top 500 enterprise customers. Word of mouth has been passed on. In the automotive industry, lock industry, mechanical equipment, hardware accessories, electric products, household appliances and other fields, Nitto powder also launched long-term strategic cooperation

high precision parts, complex four ball friction and wear tester working process like compressor cylinder head, cylinder liner and some special performance powder metallurgy household appliance parts are still developing. In order to meet the higher requirements of the rapid development of science and technology on material properties and forming technology, I believe that in the future, I have lived in the western region and will continue to help the new development of household appliance industry

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