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Nanning fast Ring Road intelligent transportation system

Nanning fast ring road is divided into Southeast and northwest rings, with a total length of 40.15 kilometers and a design speed of 80 kilometers/hour. The completion and opening of Nanning Express Ring Road has greatly relieved the traffic pressure of Nanning, optimized the city's highway transportation network, and improved the function of urban roads. It is of great significance to drive the economic development around the ring road, promote the economic development of Nanning, and improve the status of Nanning as a hub city of southwest sea access

Shenzhen Jianqiao Communication Technology Co., Ltd. stood out in the tender and undertook the planning and construction of the intelligent transportation system of this ring road. Advanced computer processing technology, information technology, data communication transmission technology and electronic control technology are effectively integrated into the transportation management system to improve traffic management

Nanning rapid ring road intelligent transportation system mainly includes traffic management and command center subsystem, information transmission subsystem, traffic signal control subsystem, television monitoring subsystem, violation monitoring subsystem, traffic guidance subsystem, traffic accident rapid processing subsystem, GPS positioning subsystem

the traffic management and command center is the hub of the whole rapid ring road intelligent transportation system. The whole system takes GIS (Geographic Information System) as the core. The system integrates Nanning Road information, traffic facilities information of key intersections and sections, signs and markings and other static traffic information into static roads in the form of visual electronic map, and uses information processing technology to integrate with traffic information collection system, video system, data application system The combination of command and dispatching system can comprehensively reflect the traffic flow information, image information, accident and disaster information, 1500 information booths, meteorological information and other dynamic traffic information of the city's roads

the information transmission subsystem is the information transmission platform of the whole Nanning rapid ring road intelligent transportation system, and it is also built into Nanning traffic management information. The system uses advanced RPR Technology to provide reliable communication services for Nanning traffic management, road television monitoring, dispatching and command, accident handling, traffic flow detection, violation monitoring, traffic guidance, etc

the signal control subsystem controls the intelligent intersection signal lights, pedestrian crossing signal lights, Ring Road entrance and exit signal lights, implements central centralized control, hierarchical management, coordination and linkage, and establishes a traffic signal control system combining point, line and plane, so as to reduce vehicle driving delays, reduce the number of red light stops, shorten the driving time of vehicles in the road, and improve the overall traffic capacity of the road

the TV monitoring subsystem adopts advanced full digital TV monitoring technology, and 32 monitoring points are arranged on the Nanning express loop to cooperate with the original monitoring points in Nanning to realize the whole process monitoring of the express loop. The system digitizes the images collected on the road and transmits them to the command center through the information transmission system. In the center, the soft switch technology is used to realize the switching and control of images. More and more plastic enterprises are committed to the research and development of new environmental protection materials. Through this system, the center managers and leading decision makers can observe and understand the various situations of the fast loop in real time, and make correct judgments and take corresponding management measures accordingly

the violation monitoring subsystem includes the red light running monitoring system and the overspeed monitoring system. The red light running monitoring system uses advanced video detection technology to monitor the violations of red light running and obtain evidence, so as to provide an accurate scientific basis for punishing illegal vehicles according to law; The overspeed monitoring system uses microwave detection technology and video capture technology to monitor speeding violations and obtain evidence, so as to provide an accurate scientific basis for punishing illegal vehicles according to law. The violation monitoring system also has advanced license plate recognition function, which can automatically recognize the license plate information of illegal vehicles; At the same time, combined with the center's illegal processing system, it can realize the non-stop inspection of fee evasion vehicles, and can find unlicensed vehicles according to the uploaded images, as long as everyone runs out of the experimental machine every time

the traffic guidance subsystem realizes the real-time release of traffic information by setting up 8 guidance screens in Nanning express loop, so as to optimize the driving route and avoid blocking conflicts. Among them, two multimedia information boards can also provide convenience for traffic management measures, traffic safety publicity and other work. At the same time, a traffic guidance platform is set up in the command center, which can use radio, television, Internet and other means to spread real-time traffic information and services remotely and in different places, such as publishing accommodation, parking location, route, capacity and billing, so that drivers have more independent choices

the traffic accident rapid processing system includes the traffic incident detection system and the accident scene rapid processing system. The traffic incident detection system uses the monitoring points arranged in the fast loop to realize the automatic tracking technology of traffic accidents. As long as there is an accident, the audible and visual prompt of the command center will automatically jump to the main screen and automatically record the image two minutes before the event. And it can be released to the corresponding competent brigade through the information transmission system; The accident scene rapid processing system uses information technology to draw the situation of the accident scene in the portable computer, which can not only improve the processing speed of the accident scene, but also archive the information, so as to help the traffic management department grasp the situation of the occurrence and development of traffic accidents in Nanning in time, and provide a solid basis for leaders' decision-making. Combined with geographic information system (GIS), the frequency and number of accidents can also be visually displayed on the electronic map, so that it is easy to find the black spots of accidents, so as to take effective measures (such as improving traffic safety facilities, transforming unreasonable roads, etc.) to prevent and reduce accidents

gps subsystem can realize real-time monitoring of the distribution of Nanning traffic police force by installing GPS terminals on the vehicles of Nanning traffic police, combined with the GIS system of the command center, and can track the operation status of multiple fleets under the influence of the preparation of lithium battery manufacturers' double 11 and double 12 on the electronic map. It can ensure the mobilization and command of multiple fleets in the upcoming ASEAN Expo and various large-scale activities in the future

since the beginning of the construction of this major project, Nanning fast ring project department has been specially established, with a lot of human and material resources invested, and the follow-up support is also in place, so that the project can be successfully completed and implemented. Each subsystem has been gradually put into use since October 2004. After a year of improvement and commissioning, the system has operated stably. It has played a very important role in the traffic security work of the two consecutive China ASEAN expositions in 2004 and 2005, and has been highly praised by the leaders of Guangxi and Nanning

at the appraisal meeting of the "Nanning rapid ring road intelligent transportation system" project jointly completed by the traffic police detachment of Nanning Public Security Bureau and Shenzhen Jianqiao Communication Technology Co., Ltd., hosted by Nanning science and Technology Bureau and entrusted by Guangxi science and Technology Department

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