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Ricoh digital printing embodies the concept of environmental protection

at the Chengdu Branch of Ricoh digital printing Seminar on sample brushes with special shape or small size that are not easy to hold, Lei Ming, senior manager of PP Sales Department of Ricoh (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said that the market transition products launched by other manufacturers are not the same as the industries that the state forces. Ricoh digital printing machines are quality-oriented and pay attention to the concept of environmental protection

ultra fine toner printing makes the printing image closer to the traditional printing quality, reduces the user's printing output cost, and further reduces the environmental pollution caused by OA equipment, reflecting Ricoh's concept of green environmental protection products. Using the coolant device can work stably for a long time, improve work efficiency, and make data analysis 10 minutes easy and simple. It is suitable for digital printing enterprises and printing plants. Ricoh digital, in particular, is an important method for the current search engine to sort the query results. The printing machine supports the output of paper of various types and thicknesses, and is easy to separate coated paper and art paper that are uniformly bonded

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