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In order to better get close to and serve the vast number of users in China, Nitto industries has held an activity to recruit 100 member level partners in China, which has been successfully held in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu and achieved good results. On October 26th, 2010, Nitto Industries Co., Ltd. held the fourth recruitment activity in Guangzhou White Swan Hotel, South China partner recruitment meeting and press conference

Mr. lisilin, sales director of Nitto industries China, and Nitto industries made the most ideal state in the process of spring testing possible "Aircraft weight reduction can save fuel costs. Mr. zuliwenming, the technical consultant of the energy region, explained. The purpose of the meeting was to officially release the products of Nitto industries to the users in southern China in a timely manner and give a close and intuitive detailed explanation. Mr. Li Silin, the general sales supervisor of China, said.

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as the king of earthquake resistance, Nitto still needs to increase support for scientific research Industry, carrying high-quality chassis and cabinet products with energy-saving, anti-seismic and high coating performance to carry out market promotion in South China, the increasingly damaged natural environment has led to adverse geological changes. In recent years, earthquakes of different sizes have occurred all over the world every year. Some small aftershocks can cause the loss of important data at any time. The computer room data security of enterprises, especially large enterprises, has become an issue that enterprises must pay attention to

the highly reliable seismic cabinet of Nitto industry will provide high-quality seismic and shock absorption protection for data center enterprises in earthquake prone areas, so as to avoid or minimize the losses caused by earthquake disasters

Mr. lisilin, sales director of China

Mr. lisilin, sales director of China, said: as an enterprise with a history of more than 60 years, Nitto industries has been committed to the design, R & D and manufacturing of chassis and cabinet series products and solutions. In order to better ensure the safety of products, Nitto industries adopts fully automated assembly lines from material delivery to the formation of final products, With its rich and colorful (a total of more than 20000 varieties), meticulous and rigorous products, it has been highly praised by customers in the market, and has won many awards issued by the Japan Electrical Equipment Industry Association

Mr. zuliwenming, the technical consultant of China, made a detailed introduction to the FS and FA series products of Nitto industries.

at the meeting, Mr. zuliwenming, the technical consultant of Nitto industries China, made a detailed introduction to the FS and FA series products of Nitto industries mainly compared with the product quality and accuracy, and explained the working principles of the highly advantageous seismic cabinets, data centers, etc

finally, Mr. lisilin made a detailed introduction to the conditions for recruiting partners and the cooperation situation. He said that Nitto industries takes this opportunity to sincerely invite agents and channels with industry background and rich customers and project resources in South China to jointly explore this vast market in South China

as early as 2004, Nitto industries has established a wholly-owned enterprise in China, Nitto industries (Jiaxing) Motor Co., Ltd., whose cabinet boxes and other products are mainly exported to Japan. Until the past two years, Nitto industries began to increase its efforts to expand the Chinese market. In April, 2008, the Shanghai Office of Nitto Industrial (Jiaxing) Motor Co., Ltd. was established. In June, 2009, the China Business Promotion Committee was established. In September, 2009, Japan's Nitto Industries Co., Ltd. established a Beijing Representative Office and began to expand its business in the Chinese market in an all-round way

Nitto Industries Co., Ltd. is a world leading manufacturer of industrial, networking, communication chassis, cabinets and power distribution products. Headquartered in Nagoya Aichi County, Japan, it has gone through 62 years of history since its establishment. By the end of 2008, the global annual turnover has reached 61 billion yen, about 4.5 billion yuan, and its market share in Japan has exceeded 60%

established in 1948, Nitto Industries Co., Ltd. has been committed to the design, R & D and manufacturing of chassis and cabinet series products and solutions, and its products have more than half of the market share in Japan. According to the data, the knife switch came out in 1951; In 1966, it entered the high-voltage complete equipment market. In 1981, it was listed in the second part of Nagoya Stock market, and in 1996, it was listed in the first part of Tokyo Stock Exchange. Its products cover the fields of information, communication, factory automation, industrial control, etc

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