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Ricoh announced a new cloud printing service

in the world of more and more built-in devices (byod), employees use personal intelligence or tablet computers to handle work. For it workers, simple printing is frustrating and tiring

this is why Ricoh Americas recently announced the launch of a new cloud printing service. With cxflexrelease, workers can complete their work on the latest Ricoh equipment by simply pressing the print button and absorbing the international advanced electro-hydraulic servo dynamic experimental machine technology

workers can send files to the cloud system from their mobile, tablet, laptop or PC, and can immediately retrieve them from any Ricoh flexreleasecx in the world. Usually, such materials can still keep the equipment with good texture. Authorized printers or all-in-one machines (MFPs) can retrieve them at the end of the experiment. As a cloud service, flexreleasecx requires little or no capital investment or the involvement of IT departments, so that it personnel can focus on more strategic work. The secure print publishing service requires a user name and password to verify the user's identity. Cxflexre develops a better timeout function of carbon fiber composite lease, which helps to reduce printing waste and unnecessary costs by allowing the administrator to process the work sequence within a specified time and then automatically delete it. Users can also control the functions of environmentally friendly mobile devices, such as double-sided printing, document resolution, color or black and white

many institutions are scrambling to fill the labor shortage demand under high mobility, which has brought great pressure to it personnel. Jason, vice president of technology marketing of Ricoh Americas, said that cxflexrelease, however, provides a location independent printing experience. Unlike other solutions, it does not need to buy servers, install or manage. As long as you subscribe, you can use it as long as you need it

Ricoh flexreleasecx supports all mobile devices with e-mail function, and adds additional file upload and extended management functions through IOS applications on iPad and iPhone. The flexreleasecx solution also includes a print driver with the ability to print directly from the cloud. Flexreleasecx embedded MFP (multi-function printer) client installation on most A3 and A4 Ricoh digital multifunction peripheral machines does not require external hardware

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