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The Best dishes of the Year - Part 3 - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The llampuga dish at La Bodeguita.

02-01-2021Andrew Valente

We continue today with Restaurants 7 to 10 out of the total of 32 visited during 2020.

The Best dishes of the Year - Part 3 - Today News Post

7 La Bodeguita

Ever since Le Bistrot in Calle Caro closed many years ago, La Bodeguita del Centro in Calle Carmen 14 (Tel:971-495259) has been Palma’s best bistro: it has an aura that’s very French although no effort is made to pass it off as such. I always feel as if I’m in a bistro, especially when eating bistro dishes such as steak tartar or an underdone entrec?te in the pure French style. And then there’s cook-owner Maribel Moll’s french fries — I don’t know a single restaurant that does them better than Maribel:1618145006013,. She always scores 10 with the tartar, the entrecauto theft suppression?te and the french fries…and her desserts also win 10-ratings and it’s all part of €15The handling o.90 menú del día with a €3 supplement for the entrec?te.

8 Ristorante Sandro

There are some 380 recognised sauces for Italian pasta and at the last count there were more than 450 pasta shapes — which means we could eat pasta every day for 500 years without repeating the pasta shape-sauce combo. Yet most of us stick to the same two or three shapes and sauces. We should be more adventurous and look for the more unusual sauces and shapes. Ristorante Sandro in Calle Ramon i Cajal 9 (Tel:971-962311) is a good place to start because he always does authentic versions of everything he cooks. His puttanesca sauce was spot on for colour, taste and spicy heat and his cacio e pepe sauce was the creamiest I’ve ever had, partly because he used pecorino cheese instead of parmesan. The pecorino has a lower melting point and becomes creamy instead of stringy.
Two days after the Sandro review appeared lockdown was declared and all island restaurants closed for 11 weeks, reopening on May 28. From that date I started returning to Palma’s better restaurants to see how they were coping with the covid-19 State of Alarm and the restrictions it had brought.

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