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On July 15, Cohen electric officially launched its new cigarette machine, Jiwang 9011, which brings a smoke-free guarantee to the smoky kitchen in dog days. However, at present, there are many brands of machine king on the kitchen appliance market, which has brought many questions to many consumers. In front of so many brands of machine king, how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages, and how to be the real machine king

hard quality is the real machine king

Cohen machine king 9011 has been refined for 18 months from design to delivery, and every detail of the smoke machine tends to be the ultimate. Jiwang 9011 never thinks that it is the best cigarette machine, but every subtle and careful improvement of it only makes the product better. Such an ingenious creation is beyond the reach of other brands. The spirit of ingenuity determines the essence of King Ji

from the beginning, the designers of the king 9011 drew inspiration from the fighter. The high-precision process design did not give 0.01% of the opportunity to play lampblack. In appearance, Jiwang 9011 is very atmospheric and simple, with black-and-white and two-color fashion mainstream matching, which perfectly conforms to various kitchen decoration styles; In terms of structure, Jiwang 9011 adopts the technology of middle fan for the first time in the industry. Under the condition of ensuring the extreme smoking effect, it effectively avoids the shortcomings of large heat flow loss of the stove caused by the lower fan and poor smoking effect caused by the upper fan; In terms of performance, the 250*150 forged steel super large oil-free double-layer gale wheel (Patent No.: zl201110332021.x) with national invention patent is equipped for the first time. Its super large suction of nearly 20 cubic meters per minute is more than 15% higher than that of other so-called "machine king" cigarette machines on the market

being responsible is the real king of machines

as a real king of machines, in addition to impeccable product quality, there must also be impeccable after-sales service. The national three guarantee policy stipulates that if the product fails in performance within 7 days from the date of sale, consumers can choose to return, exchange or repair it. The service commitment of Cohen machine king is: 1 If there is any quality problem in the product within one year, we guarantee to replace it with a new one! 2. Within three years, the motor is burnt out or the smoke collecting chamber leaks oil. Replace it! 3. The motor is guaranteed to be replaced for life, and the whole machine is guaranteed for life. Zhejiang Cohen Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is the only one in the kitchen appliance industry that can fulfill these three service commitments

18 months ago, Yu Feng, general manager of Zhejiang Cohen electric appliance, said at the machine king 9011 R & D conference: "every product of Cohen is a good product. It is Cohen's responsibility and responsibility to make users satisfied and reassured." As a responsible enterprise, Cohen Electric Co., Ltd. took the lead in proposing the service of "replacing the machine with a new one after the motor burns out or the smoke collecting cavity leaks oil within three years" in the industry three years ago, but soon after it was proposed, it attracted a large number of peer enterprises to follow suit. Slogans can be imitated, but actions cannot be surpassed. Now, Cohen is once again the first in the industry to put forward the service of "replacing the machine with a new machine for any quality problem of the machine king series products within one year", which once again explains the responsibility and responsibility of an excellent enterprise with his own practical actions





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