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for plastic to reach the end of the third runner up, it needs =396 pounds. The pin specification manufacturer mold parts factory introduces the maintenance of the injection mold: the injection mold is repaired every two months, mainly for the long-term placement of the injection mold, rust and the injection mold oil feeding process of all parts

guide pillar guide sleeve introduction mold temperature is determined by plastic crystallinity, product size and structure, injection speed performance requirements and other technologies, such as melting temperature, injection pressure, mold cycle time, etc. for amorphous polymers, the melted part solidifies without phase shift as the temperature decreases. Mold temperature mainly affects melt viscosity, that is, filling speed. The pin specification manufacturer is equipped with a slow wire cutting machine (tolerance: 0.002mm) and a mirror EDM machine (tolerance: 0.005 mm). The precision and repeatability that we can manufacture, even for complex parts, whether we need a prototype, short-term production and operation, or the quantity makes us stand on the same starting line with the world giants. 7. On average, we protect the tensile machine twice a month

the hydraulic self-locking cylinder indicates the possibility of holding force. Consider that a standard locking cylinder has a hole of 84mm and can withstand a static force range of 700000 Newton (n). The process division, process method and equipment selection during the processing of the independent guide post of the pin specification manufacturer are determined by the production type, the shape, size, structure of the parts and the technical status of the factory equipment. The design used in different production conditions can be divided into toughening, mineral filling, glass fiber reinforcement, polypropylene/polyethylene alloy, etc; Equipment and process division are also different

spools, shoulder bolts, and feeders are used to fasten pads to mold shoes while allowing them to move up and down. They are fixed to the top or bottom bare shoe with screws and pins in often precise positions. For all components used to protect pads, spools are common, especially in large molds. Pin specification manufacturer's progressive die consists of a series of process stations on a single chip. This part of the material advances through the increment, and performs its operation and boundary competition with each station at the same time. The separated part of the next station. Progressive dies are often used to produce complex parts. It is used to produce a large number of parts at a fast pace. One progressive die can be more economical than stage die

compared with the transfer press, the progressive press has other disadvantages: the transmission parts are added, and the tools are more expensive, because they are made in blocks, and each station rarely adjusts the required raw material input independently. The pin specification manufacturer must cut any flash after treatment, as shown in the figure below, and sand may be produced. Doors and gates must also be deleted

the inclination angle of the conical hole processed by the new structure mold is smaller than the inclination angle of the conical shaft. The upper mold is always closely combined with the core in the state of zero clearance fit, so the product has no flash here. Guide post is an important part in the process of mold production. It mainly has two functions, namely, guide and support. Pin specification manufacturers' versatility makes them used in a variety of applications, softening and flowing, 1000mm 3 in heating capacity. Thermoplastics also have elements that are safe in thermosetting plastics thermosetting polymers. If the injection cylinder is not ejected in time, the screw and check valve may be seized and the potentially destructive injection molding machine may be chemically crosslinked

once the punching needle is oxidized, pay attention to the change of punching needle shape, size and stiffness. The workpiece processed by the pin specification manufacturer will also cause this problem, which will affect the quality of the parts. Therefore, before processing, the inspection of the head frame and ^. During inner hole grinding, the coolant shall be poured to the grinding contact position to facilitate the smooth discharge of grinding

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