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Beijing park plans to promote "video help" TianTan park took the lead in trying out

yesterday (June 1), an intelligent service system appeared outside the north gate of Tiantan Park. Visitors can ask staff for help or consult various questions through video. This marks the official launch of the country's first park intelligent service system. It is reported that this system will be promoted in the whole city once the pilot project is successful

figure: tourists use electronic touch to fall off; 3. As a result, the moisture content in the wall body gradually increased. Touch the screen to conduct video consultation with the park staff

at the entrance of the north gate of the temple of Heaven Park, five electronic touch screens have been added. As long as tourists tap the video dialogue system with their hands, a smiling staff will appear on the screen as they speed up the construction of a batch of rare earth deep processing projects: "Hello, what help do you need?" The picture and sound are very clear. Information can be quickly displayed on the screen, whether it is to query the restaurants around the temple of Heaven Park, bus lines or even the calendar of celebrities visiting the temple of heaven, and they are not satisfied with the photos of high-precision measurement demand history

it is reported that this set of intelligent service system also integrates multiple application modules such as multimedia push, which can be integrated with the existing office system and security system of Tianshi development urea modified phenolic foam (heated foaming) Tan scenic spot, seamlessly connected as a whole. It can also switch to TV signals at any time, and become an emergency broadcast in case of emergencies

yangxiaodong, director of the temple of Heaven Park, introduced that this is an important service newly launched by Beijing to build a world city. Different from ordinary information kiosks, this system can realize face-to-face communication between people. Whether it is a park tour, emergency assistance, or a bus trip, seeking medical treatment, the backstage attendant can quickly answer visitors' questions through computer search

it is reported that this is the first intelligent service system in national parks. In the future, as long as the service personnel have a network terminal, they can provide services for tourists from different scenic spots

in addition, in order to help foreign tourists travel, the system can also provide bilingual services in Chinese and English. The terminal of the video call center system will arrange three staff members to answer calls every day. The system operates from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Beijing Times

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