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The Beijing new airport expressway will be reopened after the festival: by the end of next year, it may be open to traffic

North j.r.martin and others have prepared selectively degraded polythioketal urethane (ptk-ur) tissue engineering scaffolds. The Beijing new airport expressway will be reopened after the festival: by the end of next year, it may be open to traffic

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the Beijing new airport expressway construction project known as the "first road to the new country", and the pile foundation drilling was realized on November 30 last year, After full preparation during the Spring Festival, the company has recently returned to work. On February 10, it was learned from the construction site that the swivel preparation of four bridge clusters of three lines had begun

on February 10, workers were working at the construction site of the new airport expressway outside the South Fifth Ring Road

it is expected that the bridge Swivel Construction will be carried out by fully automatic clamping in October this year in foreign countries.

on the morning of February 10, at the construction site of section 4 of the new airport expressway project, the sprinkler regularly passed through, and the water mist suppressed the floating dust. The workers in orange uniform uniforms orderly bound the reinforcement cage to prepare for the fixation of the bridge group

Beijing Jingtou Transportation Development Co., Ltd. is the construction unit of the project. Zhangyanduo, Minister of construction management department, introduced that since the drilling was started at the end of November last year, the demolition, setting out and aboveground clearance and boarding of the project have been completed for about 19 kilometers according to the soil storage mode. All the civil engineering sections have been drilled, and 136 pile foundations, 1 pile cap and 2 pier columns have been completed in total, "The project is expected to carry out the cluster and long-span bridge Swivel Construction of the expressway bridge, the new airport line bridge and Tuanhe road bridge crossing the Beijing Shanghai railway and the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway in October this year."

it is reported that the new airport expressway starts from about 450m east of Tuanhe bridge on the South Fifth Ring Road and ends at the northern boundary of Beijing new airport. The main line is about 27km long, with two-way eight lanes and a design speed of km/h. It is planned to open to traffic at the end of 2018

the narrowest part of the four bridges rotating at the same time is only about 20cm

Zhang yanduo introduced that the rotating bridge cluster includes four long-span highway bridges, railway bridges and highway bridges with a span of meters and a weight of 8900 tons in three lines, "The four bridges need to be poured on both sides of the existing railway on their own foundation along the direction parallel to the existing railway to form a beam body, and then rotate about 70 degrees synchronously to complete the crossing of the existing railway."

due to the narrow site, the rotation directions of the four synchronous rotating bridges are also different. Zhangyanduo said that the two bridges on the main road of the new airport expressway and the three bridges on Tuanhe road will rotate clockwise. The bridges on the new airport line of the track will rotate counterclockwise synchronously. The four beams are only about 20 cm away from the narrowest part, "In this project, BIM new technology will be used to generate the whole process of swivel deduction. Once errors occur or D. the length, pneumatic unit and display digit are misjudged by dynamic exchange, they can be calculated clearly and accurately."

the new airport expressway overlaps three layers from top to bottom

the new airport expressway project includes a 7.9-kilometer co structural section integrating expressway, rail transit and ordinary highway. It overlaps three layers from top to bottom, namely, the new airport expressway, the new airport line of rail transit and Tuanhe Road, a class I Highway. This is rare in the field of expressway construction in China. "During the construction period, the beam erection height exceeds 20 meters, and it is often cross constructed with the rail line." Zhangyanduo said

at the same time, the demolition of the project involves five towns and two streets in Daxing District. It crosses a large residential area in Huangcun town and Lixian town. The relocation or resettlement workload is heavy, and the power relocation is also in the critical stage. "At present, Beijing Investment and transportation company is responsible for taking the lead in the relocation of 97 power lines in three projects, namely, Beijing PA intercity, rail transit new airport line and new airport expressway. All the line relocation needs to be completed before the end of the year." Zhangyanduo introduced that affected by the height limit of Nanyuan Airport, a considerable length of power lines have to be relocated. The number of relocated lines is the largest number of expressway projects in Beijing in recent years

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