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Beijing International flexo and label industry summit forum will be held

the subprime mortgage crisis originated in the United States is spreading step by step, which is a global financial crisis from various indicators. The depression of the retail industry in the United States and Europe is bound to affect their domestic packaging and label printing markets, as well as the principle that China's printing industry will never use new materials, because China's exports will also decrease

compared with the global label industry market, China faces challenges in accurately assessing product compliance; The former is still in the primary stage of development and is far from mature. How big is the impact of the financial crisis on China's label industry market? How can label enterprises survive better in the current economic environment? How to seize the opportunity to smoothly pass this extraordinary period? What new technologies can help enterprises obtain higher profits? We will invite well-known domestic economic experts and top experts in the industry to discuss this series of issues. At the same time, it also provides a platform for label equipment and material manufacturers to communicate closely with the demander

as the organizer of this summit, Beijing Global Weiming Advertising Co., Ltd. has always paid attention to the domestic label industry and played a positive role in promoting the development of the industry. In addition to cooperating with the label printing branch to publish the label industry, a lecture on new technologies in the label industry was successfully held during China print 2005. In May and July 2008, the promotion activities for the application of electronic supervision codes in the label industry were held in Beijing and Shanghai respectively, and were highly praised by the industry. Entrusted by the organizer of China print 2009, the first Beijing International flexographic printing and label industry summit forum was held during the exhibition. The summit forum will better play the guiding role of the association in the industry and further improve the overall level of China's label industry chain

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