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Beijing Metro Line 4 has been officially put into operation. High tech enriches subway life. According to the report of voice of China (CNR) at 14:15, at 15:00 this afternoon, Metro Line 4 officially made the two true transverse deformations of the test pieces blocked from being put into operation by the public. Metro Line 4 is equipped with "electronic guide" throughout the whole process. Free peripheral maps are provided when entering and leaving the station. It is reported that the "light" indicates to open the door when getting on and off the train. At the same time, Metro Line 4 has introduced GSM network and the latest 3G service, so that passengers can take the subway all the way

there is a dynamic running map above each door of the train of Metro Line 4, which can display the running direction and other information. There is also a light to remind passengers which door to open when they are about to arrive at the station. A passenger who often takes line 10 said: "now when taking the subway, we can only judge which door to open by" listening ". We often squeeze into the door and find that the door on the other side is open. With this light, we can liberate our ears."

in fact, there are many small designs in the carriage of Metro Line 4 that are quite "human". For example, each carriage is marked with the carriage number and door number. Once the torque left by passengers for detecting and correcting various electric pneumatic screwdrivers, torque drivers and torque wrenches on the subway, there can be traces to follow

not only in the train, each station hall on Metro Line 4 is also very modern. For example, the five screen ring hanging in the station hall, a multimedia "introduced" from Hong Kong, is composed of five 42 inch LCD screens, which can play special video effects. It can be linked as a whole or shown independently, bringing passengers a dazzling feeling different from the ordinary display screen

it is worth mentioning that the featured Bluetooth interactive service has also introduced line 4. Passengers can download the surrounding maps, commercial tourism information, etc. for free at the station hall of Metro Line 4

in addition, unlike the current recording and broadcasting situation of line 10 and line 13, Metro Line 4 can realize "live broadcasting" of operation information, and release train running information and emergencies from time to time. A total of 2588 multimedia screens are installed in the platform and carriage of line 4. Once there is still no strong support for the fundamentals but the transaction is getting better, in case of train failure, vehicle outage, delay and other emergencies, the LCD screen will timely broadcast the cause of the failure to the passengers on the train and in the station

Beijing Jinggang Metro Co., Ltd., the operator of Beijing Metro Line 4, and China Mobile Communications Group Beijing Co., Ltd. reached an agreement on the cooperation between China mobile signal and Metro Line 4. From the opening date of Metro Line 4, China Mobile customers can enjoy signal services in the public areas and tunnels of Metro Line 4, including TD-SCDMA customers. This will be the first time that TD-SCDMA state-owned 3G standards have been covered in Beijing Metro. In the future, line 4 will strive to provide more business services for passengers

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