The hottest Beijing medium-term cost support fell,

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Beijing medium term: limited decline in cost support PTA rebounded slightly on July 14, PTA futures prices in Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange opened higher and went lower, rebounding slightly. The transaction of ta0809 contract continued to decline compared with the previous trading day. Positions decreased by 2074 to 52768 compared with the previous trading day. The contract opened at 9360 yuan today, with a maximum of 9430 yuan, a minimum of 9342 yuan and a closing of 9400 yuan, up 6 yuan from the settlement price on July 11, with a trading volume of 71138 hands. Ta0811 contract positions decreased by 988 to 15450. Today, the opening price was 9300 yuan, and the closing price was 9342 yuan, up 4 yuan, with 6178 transactions

in the spot market, PTA's general high-quality mainstream spot price is lowered to 9550 yuan/ton, and the spot machinery and equipment are essentially the same, and the transaction price is about 9500 yuan/ton. It is extremely beneficial to improve the accuracy of products at home and abroad. The general quotation of offshore spot is maintained at 1190 US dollars/ton, and the transaction level price is around 85 US dollars/ton required by Jinan testing machine factory in November. In addition, the MEG spot price remained stable at 8800 yuan/ton, while the MEG external price remained at 1108 dollars/ton

the crude oil price has reached a new high, which will raise and boost the production cost and price of PTA. PX prices remain high. Although the terminal demand of PTA is suppressed, many textile and garment factories operate at zero profit, and the operating rate is generally reduced. However, traders are reluctant to sell at low prices. At present, the spot trading volume is low. It is necessary to constantly monitor fans, and the wait-and-see atmosphere continues. PTA futures prices rose to the 5-day moving average after opening today and were blocked. The futures price kept a narrow oscillation trend, and the last round of short position closing made the futures price rise slightly. After the correction in recent days, the short-term support has been basically proved. If there are no other sudden factors, it is expected that the recent rebound is likely to be large

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