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Beijing mid-term: April 17 LLDPE daily review

on April 17, even the plastic futures market opened higher in the morning, boosted by the overnight rise in crude oil last night, and closed higher in the whole market. The main contract l0809 opened higher in the morning at 14080 points. Then the futures price fluctuated and consolidated, reaching 14130 points at the highest and 14025 points at the lowest. The final market closed up by 85 points to 14090 points. The transaction was still light, with only 1634 transactions and 24 positions increased to 2788, A total of 1674 contracts were concluded and 3370 positions were held

in the spot market, affected by the price hike of Sinopec's high and low voltage products, the market of China Plastics LLDPE spot market continues to heat up. LLDPE is reported to be about 50 yuan higher, and some regions are reported to be as high as 14000 yuan/ton. On the basis of the price hike in the early stage, the price in North China market is higher in different ranges, and some traders are closed to wait and see; The East China market has improved, the transaction is good, and the price shows signs of rising slightly; The South China LLDPE market remained stable and the transaction was still average

in the warehouse receipt market, the LLDPE warehouse receipt in the China Plastics warehouse receipt market opened higher and higher, and the final market was red. The main warehouse receipt ll0806 opened flat at 13870 points. Then, driven by the buying, the warehouse receipt price fluctuated and rose, reaching 13927 points at the highest, 13870 points at the lowest opening price, and 50 points at 13920 points at the final close. 257 deals were made and 406 positions were held; The LLDPE warehouse receipts in the Jinyin Island warehouse receipt market opened higher as a whole, showing a 1. 5% rise and fall in the final market Liquid medium must be added into the low-temperature tank before use. Driven by the continuous rise of international crude oil last night, the main warehouse receipt ll0806 opened higher at 14000 points in the morning, and then the proportion of exports to emerging countries will be greatly increased. The warehouse receipt price fluctuated and weakened. The lowest point was 13801 points, and the final price fell by 16 points to 13919 points, 551 transactions and 783 positions

in the upstream market, driven by the supply worries caused by the assumption that the gasoline in the United States last week could not be handled, the sharp decline in inventory and the decline in refinery capacity utilization, and the dollar weakness supported another round of buying, which pushed the oil price sharply higher in the late trading. Last night, WTI and Brent crude oil rose $1.14 and $1.08 per barrel respectively to $114.93 and $112.66 per barrel; In terms of ethylene, the latest closing of Asian ethylene was stable, with CFR Northeast Asia reporting USD/ton and CFR Southeast Asia reporting USD/ton

crude oil reached a new high. In addition, the spot market price of LLDPE rose due to Sinopec's price hike, which supported the strength of the scroll spring fatigue testing machine maintenance knowledge Liansu. In view of the fact that whether the current rise can be sustained still needs to pay attention to the duration of downstream demand, Liansu is expected to maintain a shock consolidation pattern in the near future, waiting for new direction guidance

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