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Special printing, bridge across the river

although with the continuous development of high and new technology, traditional printing technology is also changing with each passing day and has made unprecedented progress, on the whole, the traditional single printing method has been difficult to meet the increasingly complex and refined quality needs of packaging and printing products, and many printing manufacturers are seeking greater market space in the field of packaging and decoration printing in the future. Differentiated management has become a successful strategic choice for many packaging and printing enterprises. At the same time, PE improved formula internal lubrication is added, and special printing technology provides conditions for differentiated management, which has become the trump card of packaging and printing enterprises

special printing, bridge over the river

when it comes to special printing, people may ask what is special printing? For a long time, in the field of printing and packaging, the concept of special printing seems to be vague. There is a saying that defines special printing as a general term for printing methods that use methods and materials different from general plate making, printing and post press processing. Today, printing professionals refer to special processing methods that use special inks and printing methods to print on special shapes or materials as special printing

special printing is a huge new printing technology group formed by the combination of traditional printing technology and the latest edge science in the long-term development process. At present, there are many kinds of special printing, and there are about 60 kinds of special printing processes. Each process has its own uniqueness, but at the same time, they are closely related to the traditional offset printing, relief printing, flexographic printing, intaglio printing and silk printing technology. Nowadays, the special combination printing method, which combines special processes, special inks and special substrates, not only dominates the technical direction of label printing, anti-counterfeiting printing, bill printing, card printing, label printing and other fields, but also expands a broader development space for the packaging and decoration printing industry

compared with conventional printing methods, special printing has many advantages or characteristics. The biggest feature of special printing is that unlike ordinary printing, it must be printed on a flat substrate surface. Its substrates are wide, and almost all objects can be used as substrates for special printing. While displaying the ordinary printing effect, special printing gives more new functions to the printed products by directly printing patterns or words on various products, selecting special printing processes, adding special functions, etc., so that in addition to having good visual effects, many special printing products can also enjoy special functions through hearing, smell, touch, etc., so as to increase the added value of products and improve the grade of printed products. In the experimental machine concept book, some printing companies call special printing "value-added printing"

The anti-counterfeiting technology of special printing is widely used in banknotes, Securities printing, packaging and decoration printing and other fields. At present, the widely used anti-counterfeiting printing technologies mainly include: laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, special ink anti-counterfeiting technology, etc. The anti-counterfeiting inks used mainly include: UV laser fluorescent ink, sunlight excitation color changing ink, thermal anti-counterfeiting ink (thermochromic anti-counterfeiting ink or temperature change anti-counterfeiting ink), chemical reaction color changing ink, intelligent machine-readable anti-counterfeiting ink, multi-functional or comprehensive anti-counterfeiting ink (exciting all information plus fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink), other special inks (such as Ovi light refraction anti-counterfeiting ink, etc.). Special ink, as the name suggests, refers to ink with special properties or special purposes. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, various special inks are emerging and widely used in the field of special printing. They not only make the print quality better, but also meet a variety of special needs such as environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting and so on. For example, energy curing inks (UV inks, EB inks, etc.) not only have excellent printing performance, but also have the advantages of low temperature rapid curing, no volatile organic solvents, less pollution, high efficiency and low energy consumption compared with traditional inks

there are many kinds of special inks used in special printing with different functions. For example, liquid crystal inks, which are widely used in printing, are pasted on some heat-resistant products. According to the change of pattern color, we can understand the quality change of the internal items. For example, when the bright picture on the candy packaging paper turns gray, we should eat the candy as soon as possible, Otherwise, the candy will dissolve and tear. The expansion speed is directly related to the tensile speed of the gripper. Materials such as Peek (polyether ether ketone) or Pai (polyamide imide) resin can operate at high temperature and high pressure at the same time. Another example is the pearlescent ink, which can reproduce the elegant luster and color of pearls, shells, butterflies, fish and metals in nature. Its principle is produced by the refraction and reflection of light through the wafer layer structure. Pearlescent printing brushes can be implemented in offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing and silk screen printing. It is low in price and excellent in durability, which can effectively prevent the replication of scanners and color copiers. Pearlescent printing has its unique pearlescent effect and non-toxic It is non-conductive, heat-resistant, chemical corrosion resistant and other characteristics, and is widely used in the packaging and decoration printing of paper, plastic, metal, fabric and other materials. In addition, the special printing inks currently used include photosensitive discoloration ink, transparent ink, scratch card ink, carbon paper ink, magnetic ink, hollowed out destructive ink, mirror ink, watermark ink, etc. Special ink gives special printing a unique life color, making special printing more charming

New springboard for packaging and decoration

since entering the 21st century, China's packaging and decoration printing industry has continued to develop rapidly. There are more than 70000 packaging and decoration printing enterprises (including those concurrently engaged in packaging and decoration printing), with more than 2million employees. In 2005, the total output value of printing in China was 310billion yuan, of which the output value of packaging and decoration printing was 108billion yuan, an increase of 10% over the previous year, accounting for 34.84% of the total output value of printing

in the next ten years, China's packaging and decoration printing industry still has a good development prospect. Its development focus will mainly include actively developing high-end and exquisite packaging printing products to increase the added value of goods; Actively develop aseptic packaging printing and aseptic packaging canning production lines for fruit juice drinks, carbonated beverages, dairy products, etc; Actively develop the packaging and printing of various fresh-keeping food, green food, cosmetics and health care products; Actively develop high-grade cartons and cartons with low gram weight, high strength and light weight, change the material structure, improve the production process, and strive to develop color printing E-wave corrugated cartons, new paper containers, color printing cartons, etc; Further develop green packaging materials

with the intensification of competition in the packaging and printing industry, more and more customers hope to print products in time according to different needs. The multifunctional, intelligent, anti-counterfeiting, personalized and special needs of packaging products are becoming more and more common, widely involving cartons, cartons, paper cups, plastic bags, soft bags, aluminum foil, bottles and cans, bag making, metal packaging, post press finishing and other fields. A single printing method can no longer meet the requirements of exquisite packaging, Special printing technology perfectly combines special printing process, special ink and special substrate materials, making it have the special advantage of implementing differentiated management for printing and packaging enterprises. Special printing technology has become the basic technology of continuous innovation in the field of packaging and decoration printing. Special printing technologies used in packaging and decoration printing include flexographic printing, electrostatic printing, three-dimensional printing, ink-jet printing, foaming printing, pearlescent printing and metal like etching printing

the "special" charm of metal packaging

at present, metal packaging plays a very important role in packaging decoration. According to statistics, metal packaging products account for 24% of the output value of the world packaging industry. Metal packaging printing technology belongs to the category of special printing, which can also be called special decoration printing technology. Metal printing plays a very important role in packaging and decoration printing. It is a kind of printing method with hard materials such as metal plate, metal molding and metal foil as the substrate

as we all know, the metal packaging industry has been developing rapidly and has a broad market. However, in the middle and late 1990s, the metal packaging industry once fell into a trough of development. On the one hand, of course, the reason is that the influx of foreign investors led to the rapid development of the whole industry, resulting in macro imbalance; On the other hand, it was actually related to the simplification of metal packaging product design and the low grade of decoration and printing effect at that time. Since entering the 21st century, with the development of printing technology, the use of various new special printing processes and high-performance special printing inks has brought a new development space to the metal packaging industry, and the whole metal packaging industry has entered a stable and orderly period of benign development

metal packaging containers generally have beautiful metallic luster. If they are combined with colorful graphic printing, the aesthetics of goods will be greatly improved. Metal printing has the advantages of bright colors, rich layers and good visual effects. At the same time, due to the good mechanical properties and processing molding properties of metal substrate materials, through exquisite shape design, coupled with the good wear-resistant durability of metal printing ink, it not only realizes the unique shape and exquisite printing effect of metal packaging products, but also improves the durability and maintainability of commodities, It is conducive to the unity of the use value and artistry of commodities. After exquisite shape design and high-end color printing, metal packaging products can not only increase the added value of products and improve economic benefits, but also have valuable collection value. It is an effective strategy to improve the sales value of metal packaging products to carry out novel and unique design and exquisite and unique decoration printing on metal products

unlike ordinary paper printing, metal printing should not only consider the printing quality of the printing itself, but also consider the situation of the next process from an overall perspective. For example, when printing containers such as cans and boxes, we should consider that the shape, specification and printing graphics should adapt to each other. At the same time, the position of the pattern on the print should be reasonable and the overall effect should be good. In the metal printing industry, with the rapid development of ink technology, new metal printing inks with many special properties (such as good heat resistance, light resistance, solvent resistance and cooking resistance, as well as safe, hygienic and non-toxic printing inks for food packaging) provide many options for metal packaging and printing enterprises to develop differentiated business strategies

the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" is a period of quality competition for metal printing, that is, a special period of winning the market with quality. Newer, lighter, more economical, more environmentally friendly and more visually attractive packaging constantly calls for technological progress and innovative development of metal packaging cans, covers, barrels and other varieties, and how to perfectly combine metal packaging products with special printing technology, It is an urgent problem for many metal packaging and printing enterprises to produce metal packaging and printing products that can quickly catch the attention of consumers. At present, most of the printing methods used in metal printing are offset printing. In addition, laser iron printing technology, pearlescent printing technology, fluorescent iron printing technology, variable light iron printing, refractive iron printing, fragrance iron printing and other special metal packaging printing technologies

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