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[special promotion] how about Philips air fryer household hd9233 intelligent non fryer

[grab! Give value 1, so as to improve the effectiveness and transparency of the whole value chain. 99 yuan ceramic knife + four piece fryer set. Its main structure includes a rotary collet that can rotate reversely in these off-road motorcycle models, and the drying order returns 10 yuan] Philips air fryer household hd9233 intelligent non fryer three (limited to 5 pieces per ID)

return by parcel post, pay for freight, send multiple gifts, and then return 10 yuan

no need to wait another year for missing the double 11, send 199 yuan worth of ceramic knives, and return 10 yuan for drying orders

avoid the logistics peak and do not explode the warehouse. There is no need to wait. Consult customer service to send four piece fryer sets, and cooking is handy

no oil smoke, 0 fat air circulation heating, bring your own grill fish plate, and complete accessories

detailed official activity quotation, Please click below to view your comments:

the simple function of the single chip microcomputer has been improved by the microcomputer.

the reference section starts with the Philips air fryer household hd9233 intelligent fryer. Comments from friends:

after receiving it, I cooked fish twice, with good effect, fast and no oil smoke. The price also happens to be preferential. It's a relatively satisfactory shopping. Customer service Linlin's attitude is very patient, considerate and satisfied. But after reading the instructions, I knew that the baking basket needed to be bought separately. I told you earlier that we could not buy it together. Not very satisfied with this. All 5 points

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