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There is no time to delay in the special rectification of glass curtain walls.

recently, citizens began to worry about the frequent bursting, falling and falling of glass curtain walls of high-rise buildings - walking on the streets of Shanghai, entering and leaving commercial buildings, may be injured by "curtain wall killers"

this is not bluff. In Shanghai, more than a dozen cars have been damaged only by the "curtain wall killer" since last month. Although no casualties have occurred, just last Tuesday, the Sixth People's Hospital of the city just amputated Zhu Yiyi, a girl from Jiangxi Province. Not long ago, the 19-year-old young girl was hit in her left leg by a curtain wall glass falling from the 21st floor in Hangzhou And it has the function of displaying the maximum torque; The doctors in Shanghai treated Zhu Yiyi carefully to keep her knee intact, but the strong girl had to be accompanied by prosthetics all her life

some experts attribute the causes of the recent concentrated accidents of "curtain wall killers" in Shanghai to the current high temperature weather and the quality defects of curtain wall glass itself. These reasons are objective and can be explained. However, there is another key reason that must arouse the vigilance of relevant departments. That is, even if the curtain wall glass is of high quality, the mounting process and the used glue and other mounting materials are no problem. It will also be weathered, with the longest service life and safe service life

in 1985, the "curtain wall project" of Lianyi building on Yan'an East Road on the Bund was completed, and Shanghai's "leading curtain" was dazzling. 26 years later, Huaibei has more than 4000 buildings with curtain wall glass as the outer wall, ranking first in domestic cities. The potential and real security risks brought by this are likely to rank first in domestic cities. If effective and decisive regulatory measures are not taken, Shanghai is likely to become the city with the highest incidence of glass curtain wall safety accidents

in 2006, the Ministry of Construction issued the measures for the management of safety maintenance of existing building curtain walls, which clearly stipulates that the owners of glass curtain walls need to conduct safety appraisal of curtain walls every ten years in principle, and need to establish relevant maintenance, overhaul and safety appraisal archives, and ensure the costs for daily maintenance, overhaul, safety toughness appraisal and overhaul. Shanghai issued the "Regulations of Shanghai on the use and installation of safety glass in buildings" in 1996, and revised the "Regulations" three times in 2002, 2007 and 2010. It stipulates that if the curtain wall glass has been used for more than 8 years, the building owner or manager shall entrust a qualified technical appraisal institution approved by the municipal construction and Transportation Commission to carry out the survey; In the future, the survey should be carried out once a year. Unfortunately, this requirement for "physical examination" has no administrative binding force. If the owner ignores it, the government has an existing building area of more than 50 billion square meters, and the government has no means of punishment. As a result, the requirement that the glass curtain wall must undergo annual inspection after eight years of use is in fact on paper

we believe that the encirclement and suppression of "curtain wall killers" can no longer be endless wrangling. On the one hand, we should quickly upgrade the "Regulations" to the level of "local regulations", give the municipal construction and Communications Commission the status of administrative coercion to perform its regulatory functions, and at the same time bear the responsibility of regulatory oversight and dereliction of duty. In other words, we must bring the safety supervision of glass curtain walls into the scope of administrative compulsory inspection, just as the elevator supervision belongs to the Quality Supervision Bureau and the quality supervision bureau is held accountable when something happens. China glass () department

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