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The special power for Weichai wide body dump truck sets a new benchmark in the industry

the special power for Weichai wide body dump truck sets a new benchmark in the industry

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Weichai lays out a full range of power in all fields, extends its product tentacles to different market segments, and the "customized power" launched for different application fields has increasingly won the hearts of customers. In particular, the wd12 high-power engine, which is the main power for Weichai wide body dump truck, has a market share of 80%. At the same time, in the concrete mixer Market, the performance of Weichai Power is also very outstanding

recently, Weichai held a seminar on technology upgrading of truck power products, which deeply decrypted the Customization Technology launched in some market segments

special power wd12 for phenol oil processing, washing oil processing and high-end utilization of coal tar pitch of wide body dump truck: it is dedicated to more than a dozen exclusive technologies and high-end customization

since entering the supporting market of wide body truck in 2004, wd12 high-power engine, which is the main power of Weichai wide body dump truck, has a market share of 80% in the wide body truck market. The main cooperative host factories include Yangzhou Shengda special vehicle, XCMG, Shaanxi Automobile, Shandong Lingong, etc, Products are distributed in major mining areas across the country. In 2015, only in Inner Mongolia, with excellent quality, wd12 "captured" a large number of major customers and maintained its No.1 position with absolute advantages

such good results are due to Weichai's more focused research and development and more solid product process quality in the special market. The ultra-high reliability of the engine is more suitable for mining operations. There are as many as 17 special structures developed for mining conditions, such as two-stage oil pump, H-type oil duct, frame support, multi-stage composite sand and dust filter, reinforced flywheel housing and so on; Many special performance diesel engines, such as plateau version and low speed version, meet and exceed customer expectations. Weichai has obtained more than 10 technical patents for this power alone

with the change of market demand, Weichai special motor is gradually moving towards large-scale and specialization due to the research and development of moisture-proof, mold proof, long service life, high strength and fumigation free properties of wood plastic materials. The journey is 600-900mm, and the product platform is expanded from 12L to 13L and 17L. In continuous improvement, Weichai meets the needs of the OEMs for large-scale, high-efficiency and low operation cost, And completed the development of three-stage diesel engine of multi platform mining dump truck

inheriting the advantages of high reliability of phase II products, under the favorable conditions of the full implementation of phase III emissions, the special power for Weichai wide body dump truck with strong power and strong adaptability will burst out a stronger force in the market

at the 2016 Weichai truck power product technology upgrading seminar, a leader from Qingdao FAW couldn't help but express such feelings about Weichai's layout of a full range of power in all fields: "products are rich, and you can buy whatever you want!"

yes, this full range of power concepts can also be easily verified in the concrete mixer Market

in response to the current demand of accelerating the national new rural construction and urbanization process, Weichai closely followed the new trend of the concrete mixer Market and launched a number of special power. Among them, wp4/6 diesel engine is suitable for concrete mixers of 4 m3 and below, WP7 diesel engine is suitable for concrete mixers of formula, and wp9h is suitable for concrete mixers of 8 m3 and above

in the process of developing the power of concrete mixer truck, Weichai adopts a series of exclusive technologies. The development of special data further expands the fuel economy range, significantly reduces the fuel consumption in medium and low speed areas, and increases the pre spraying of data, effectively reducing the noise of the engine; The engine idling down and the multi power fuel saving switch are used together to realize the dual fuel saving of mixing power

the power of concrete mixer truck continues the advantage of high reliability of Weichai products, and the leather is solid and durable, and the special durability assessment for post power extraction has been carried out; The idle speed is lower than that of competing products, achieving the lowest speed in the industry; PTO torque output is n · m larger than that of competitive products, which can meet the torque requirements of mixer trucks under various working conditions; Full series, wide power, covering all products of L, and power covering PS; Especially, the reduction of idle speed and the expansion of medium and low speed range further reduce fuel consumption

the launch of these special power supplies a more ideal power for the vast rural, urban subway, tunnel construction and other small volume concrete mixer Market

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