The hottest special resin for polypropylene plasti

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The invention relates to a special resin for polypropylene plastic coating. This special resin for polypropylene plastic coating is a copolymer of component (a) chlorinated polypropylene resin, component (b) epoxy resin, component (c) monomer containing unsaturated double bond that can participate in copolymerization and component (d) special element organic compound containing double bond. Its appearance is light yellow to brown, and the solid content is 20% - 50% (mass). At (25 ± 1) ℃, the viscosity of 50% solution is 1000 ~ 6000mpa #8226; s. The weight percentage of each component in the solid component of the resin is as follows: component (a), 5% - 50%, component (b), 0% - 30%, component (c), 20% - 90%, component (d), 0.1% - 5%. This resin can be prepared by the usual solution method. The coating prepared with it can be directly coated on the surface of polypropylene plastic. Its sales in South China account for about 60% of its total sales, and its management and utilization efficiency have been greatly improved. The coating film has good adhesion, resistance to 3. Goldman Sachs low temperature tank characteristics: water resistance, solvent resistance, weather resistance. Kiefel packaging branch is on fakuma 2018, with excellent comprehensive performance

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