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The special process is conducive to rapid label washing

compared with the process of embossing before printing for offset labels, the process of gravure printing before embossing for MEC labels is adopted. This process adjustment over the years is conducive to the rapid and easy label washing after the bottle is recycled by the brewery, and ensures that the oil and ink are firmly attached to the label paper during the alkali washing process, and the label falls off without the ink falling off, which will not pollute the alkali liquor. The reason is: offset labels are printed and polished with embossed paper, and the holes are blocked by the ink layer, which is not conducive to the rapid penetration of lye, thus prolonging the glue dissolution time and reducing the low efficiency of bottle washing; At the same time, the off-line glazing method of offset printing does not play a good role in anti alkali protection. After the ink is dissolved by alkali, it will pollute the bottle washing tank, which cannot guarantee the bottle washing with pure water, and mec label completely overcomes these adverse factors

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